Ericsson argues against Huawei’s ban in Sweden

We all aware of the Huawei ban from supplying the fifth generation (5G) devices to carriers in Sweden, this ban was recently announced as per prohibiting the norms. 

Sweden, a tech innovator’s site and also the home country of Ericsson, Huawei‘s biggest rival.

As a rival, it’s quite surprising to receive support from Borje Ekholm Ericsson’s CEO. Borje in an interview said that ban on Huawei is an unfamiliar decision as its limiting free competition and unsurprisingly the trade too. 

As a tech innovator this ban will ultimately delay the rolling out of the new technology, this he added further to his statement. 

This started almost one month ago as the Telecom Authority (PTS) and Swedish Post only corroborated a few companies to compete for 5G frequencies. 

After this confirmation, they released a list where only four companies where permitted to compete for 5G frequencies. And the competition area is limited to the North-European countries.  

With that list, there are few conditions listed too. In these conditions, it was made clear that installations of set up must not include any products from Huawei and ZTE.  

Another one clears that the existing infrastructure from these two companies should anyhow be phased off within 2025. 

Ekholm indicated that Ericsson is completely established with a thought- opportunity to trade freely. With this initiative, his point was clear to have an open market for free trade. 

Further to this he also contended Sweden has fluctuated from EU guidelines, the guidelines which clear what are the measure to be taken on secure 5G networks. 

However, this might be a reason why Ericsson and Ekholm want Huawei back to compete. Also the Chinese company at now appealing this decision in court. This eventually slowing down the rolling out the igniting 5G network. 

This is all why Ericson argues against Huawei’s ban recently taken in Sweden. 

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