Entrepreneur First has announced an investment in six Indian technology start-ups.

These startups aim for massive global opportunities, from genomics-based diagnostics to an in-site search engine for online commerce using NLP and an AI-powered music creator tool for podcasters and videographer. They are all part of the Emerging Frontier (EF) portfolio of Indian tech startups. EF’s Indian tech startups are all aiming for massive global opportunities. Bengaluru in the year 2021: UK-based global talent investor Entrepreneur First (EF) has announced investments in six cutting-edge Indian technology start-ups. EF is located in the UK. EF has invested in 34 Indian tech start-ups since it arrived in the country in 2019, including this latest round of funding.

Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, early-stage investment activity has held up well, with average transaction sizes rising and fundraising rounds wrapping up at a record pace. ImmunitoAI and NeuroPixel are just two examples of EF India portfolio companies that obtained additional funding in the months after their initial investment.

A recent EF ‘Investor Reveal’ featured six promising start-ups in front of the country’s top early-stage investors. New ventures are being developed by EF’s young entrepreneurs, ranging from genomics-based diagnostic technology for faster, more accurate and less expensive Covid testing, to an in-site search engine for online commerce based on natural language processing (NLP) and an AI-powered music creator tool for video and podcast content creators.

According to Entrepreneur First’s Esha Tiwary

“India is now developing some of the world’s most imaginative technology solutions, and these latest entrepreneurs from EF India are leading that push. At the same time that they are addressing major global concerns, they are developing some of the most cutting-edge inventions I have ever seen. This generation of young entrepreneurs is translating today’s sorrow into opportunity and capitalising on shifting customer behaviour with aplomb.

Digital start-ups in India continue to thrive

Helping the country reach its $3 trillion economic potential. Everything from direct-to-consumer (D2C) to cryptocurrencies, music to healthcare is benefiting from India’s start-up success. Categories such as D2C are expected to reach $100 billion by 2025, according to a recent estimate, as digital usage grows in India. Companies like Omniflo are leveraging these opportunities to deliver rapid and efficient offline retail distribution for companies who start out as online-only or sell directly to the consumer on their website. As a result of India’s expanding crypto sector, Flippy, an easy-to-use investment platform, provides consumers with actionable recommendations for investing in cryptocurrencies. An estimated 15 million Indians have made private bitcoin investments in the previous few years, according to a study.


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