Entertainment Industry Braces For Virtual Backslide As Awards Season Looms

Hollywood thought that the double vaccinations would save them from the terror of covid-19. But with the start of the new year covid-19 comeback even more strongly. The delta and omicron are very much powerful and spread very rapidly. Recording Academy announces that they have to postpone the biggest awards show The Grammys which was held on to the 31st January. The CBS and the recording academy on a joint statement said that the music performer, workers, and hundreds of other people who have worked day and night for the success of the night are their priority. With the current situation, it is very risky to organize the night on 31st January.

Sundance film festival also announces this Sunday that they have to cancel their festival which has to be held between 20 to 30 January.

The news is breaking the hearts of all the directors and whole team who thought of rolling their shows on the big screen in front of everyone. It is very sad news for all the audience as well. Sundance ads that it was a very tough decision for them. But because of the even the cases may rise a lot and they cannot put their staff and workers into such a big risk.

Apart from this the Critics choice award was scheduled for this Sunday but sadly it also got postponed. But this might be good news because the award show was going to clash with the Golden Globes awards which was also scheduled on Sunday. The team behind critics’ choice awards said that they are still searching for the best date to organize the award later on.

All these events got postponed because of the Covid-19. But at this time our lives are most important over any other things. Keep yourself safe from this deadly virus. We are sure you don’t want to put your life at risk. Do you?

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