Entertainment and arts figures we lost in 2021

As the year of 2021 ends it is now time to remember the legends of arts and entertainment who left the world in sorrow.With the beginning of the year three Hollywood veteran left the world.

  1. Betty White

17 January 1997- 31 December 2021

Very famous actress Betty died in the new year eve. Her close friend Jeff Witjas said that Jeffy was 100 but she will still remain in everyone’s heart forever. Allen Ludden told she was never scared of death because she walys wanted to live eith jer late husband. Both will now live together, she added.

  • Peter Scolari

12 September 1955- 22 October 2021

The star of “Newhart” and “Bosom Buddies” died after battling the cancer twice. He was 66 years old. He once battle the, cancer successfully but couldn’t made for second time. He left his wife and four children behind.

  • Norm Macdonald

17 October 1959 to 14 September 2021

Saturday night live king and the comedian Norm left the world after finishing the deadly cancer for seven years. He was 61 years old.

  • Michael K. Williamsons


He was found dead at hid resident at 6 September. Reports have said that he died Because of the over doze of the heroine. Police said that no forced entry or anything strange is found in the house.

  • Sarah Harding


The famous singer died after the battle with breast cancer. She was 39 years old. Her mother announces the news on Sarah’s Instagram at the same, day she died.

  • Charlie Watts


He was a drummer and dies in the hospital of London after 80 years of his life. He was a cherish father, grandpa and a loved husband.

Everyone was sad because of the death of such powerful images. Now we all hope for the best with the new year now. World will never forget these faces, do you also?

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