Engagement of Ben Affleck and Jeniffer Lopez is not on the cards anytime soon

Ben Affleck and Jennifer López were first engaged in 2002, but their bridal life or marriage was postponed until later.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s rekindled romance captivated every ball, and fans are happy to see the former couple back together. They were kissing recently and made it clear that they are one and the same! And now that fans know they’re back, they only have one question. When are the two lovebirds going to get together and when will the marry?

According to rumours, Jeniffer Lopez is ready to accept Ben’s proposal, but she wants to do so naturally. We know you’re all perplexed about what she means. Continue reading to learn more.

 She would say yes to 1,000 percent if Ben put this question back to her,” a source close to Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck told Hollywood Life.

“Everyone in Jen’s and Ben’s world would rejoice if they decided to get engaged and marry. All of this, like your current relationship, will occur naturally. You could say that there are feelings of commitment in the air, and when this happens,” a source close to Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez adds.

Source: Yahoo News India

Ben Affleck and Jeniffer Lopez are still very close

“However, Ben will not do it solely for his or her family’s sake and it is much more than that . If both of them want it, it will happen. Right now, their relationship is fantastic, so they capitalise on it to avoid unnecessary tragedy. They’re busy, funny, and if there’s a compromise, it’s the right time for everyone,” the source concluded.

“They’re very comfortable with each other, and it shows,” a source close to Jennifer Lopez says. “[This romance] is, in fact, ideal for her right now. She does everything at once one day and is excited about the future. Her future, she believes, is eternal, and she wishes to safeguard it. 

Source: Us Weekly

They tried to keep a low profile after all of the publicity. She is relieved to be back with him and intends to approach their relationship in a different and more private manner. She is content and tries to protect the relationship, but everything goes swimmingly.”

“Jennifer is overjoyed! She has all the feelings and loves, but she isn’t thinking about marriage right now. Instead of rushing, she prefers to take things slowly and enjoy the moment “adds a new source

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez first became involved with the uninitiated in 2002, but there was something between them that caused them to postpone, but later cancel, their marriage. But now that they’ve returned, fans are looking forward to a wedding.

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