Employees should view technology as an enabler, not a hindrance, according to Jamf’s Prakash Maharaj at TechSparks 2021.

Today, technology is not only a component of the employee experience; it is the employee experience itself, according to some. It has been proven that integrating cloud-based tools, AI (artificial intelligence), ML (machine learning), and IoT (Internet of Things) has been extremely beneficial in enabling a convenient work-from-home environment. All of these technological advancements and innovative solutions are the dominant trends that will continue to shape employee experience in the future.

On Day 2 of TechSparks 2021, Asia’s largest and most influential startup-tech conference organised by YourStory, Prakash Maharaj, Regional Sales Manager at Jamf, joined us for a fireside conversation about the topic. Prakash Maharaj is the Regional Sales Manager at Jamf.

Prakash is a proactive member of the Jamf team, working with organisations to assist them in enabling Apple enterprise management solutions.

TechSparks 2021
TechSparks 2021

Technology is a mainstay for all parties involved

According to Prakash, “it is incredible to see how organisations and businesses have leveraged technology to unlock new growth opportunities while dealing with the pandemic.”

He claims that as the hybrid work environment has become the new normal, employees are looking for ways to collaborate in order to ensure that operations are delivered seamlessly. As a result, businesses are upgrading their infrastructure to include smart technology that promises uncompromised productivity.

Jamf – assisting organisations in achieving success with Apple devices in TechSparks 2021

“The shift in the way organisations operate has given a massive boost to brands like Apple,” explains Prakash, when explaining the role of Jamf in the modern day scenario. The Apple ecosystem is popular, especially among the younger generation of employees who enjoy working on the company’s seamless products. As a team at Jamf, we’re collaborating closely with organisations in India to ensure that operations delivery for all Apple devices is as seamless as possible,” says Prakash.

Afterwards, Prakash describes the various Jamf solutions that are available to organisations and businesses, including Jamf Pro, Jamf Now, Jamf Connect, Jamf Protect, Jamf School, and Jamf Protect Plus. These solutions provide assistance to a variety of stakeholders in enterprise device management and provide everything IT needs to make the most of the Apple environment.

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