Emmerdale hints at how Harriet, Will and Dawn could be

Emmerdale is one of the longest running shows (since 1972) following the life of the people in a small village of Yorkshire.  You can find the trailer of teh show here- 

In the latest episode of the show on 17th December 2020, we saw Harriet and Will trying to hide Malone’s body on Home Farm. But they were not exactly victorious in the process.

Dawn’s conscience started acting up at last

Dawn reveals how she feels about having murdered Malone. She tells everyone how terrible she feels and asks them to leave her there and go hide Malone’s body without her. But at the end Will convinces her to come along as leaving may leave further loose ends that could only end in trouble.

Will gets caught

As Will is trying to dig a grave for Malone, he hears a gunshot and it turns out, it is Kim there. As soon as Will realises who it is, he starts filibustering. Kim stops him and says, “Rather than let you explain or lie or come up with some ridiculous excuse, why don’t you give me one good reason why I shouldn’t call the police right now?”

Will lies that he was there for poaching and manages to dodge the bullet.

People notice that there is something wrong with Harriet

For creating a good alibi, Harriet goes to church as per the schedule when Will is digging the grave. There people notice Harriet’s change in mood. But she manages to lie to them. 

After she returns, Malone is buried and she whispers a small prayer kneeling down above his grave and asks for God’s forgiveness.

Now that Malone’s body is taken care of, we have only one issue. How long can Will, Dawn and Harriet keep their secret?


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