Are you an Eminem fan? If yes, this new piece is for you. Recently, his daughter, Hailey’s, Tik Tok Video went viral. Her looks and attire stole the heart of many viewers, and a plethora of Eminem fans easily recognized his daughter in no time.

With that, let’s find out the details of the Tik Tok Video.

Let’s see what’s their fans have to say about her new video.

Let’s get started.


Hailie Mathers is 25 years old, young artist. We must say, she is full of talent and her level of enthusiasm is unbeatable which is just like her dad.

Moreover, she takes after her father, Eminem which has been recognized in no time by Tik Tok users through her amazing video.

On the same note, one of her followers also wrote, “Holy hell she looked just like her dad in the beginning.”

Considering the same, she has become a real trendsetter for many.

Want to know how? Here we go!


In the Tik Tok video, in the before part, she was wearing a tie-dye shirt and her hair is tied up. And, after that, she punched the screen very hard and after that, it was a transformation. 

In the after part of the video, she reveals a full face of makeup, also with a red lip, styled with her hair out and a blazer.

One of the followers also wrote that “Do a Tik Tok with your dad!!!!!!!! We need him!”

One user reply to this comment and state that you always ask about Eminem but she is her person and she has her personality. Eminem is always very protective of Hailie. 

So, tell us, have you seen Hailie’s Tik Tok video already? What do you think about the same? Let us know, and keep reading for more updates.


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