SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is trying a different approach to catch the rockets in order to make them reusable. The founder has said that they will catch the Heavy Booster with the launch tower arm.

So far, the other rocket of SpaceX, The Falcon 9 boosters used to land on earth using the legs that were installed in it. The previous rockets would touch down on a boat or a launchpad to make the landing. But Elon Musk wants something different for the future rocket Super Heavy. The Super Heavy will not be landing on Earth the same way that previous ones used to be. The next booster will be catches by the arm of a launch tower, which basically means that it will hook the rocket before it touches the ground.


There are two benefits of the new launch technique:

one, it will reduce the cost of the company and second, it will be able to reuse immediately after the landing. It won’t even take an hour before the rocket will be able to fly again. 

It will create the whole process of landing the rockets in the future. As it is the new idea, there might be more changes which will come in future and more methods of landing will be discovered.

Elon Musk took to twitter to share the idea of a new launch of the rocket. “Saves mass & cost of legs & enables immediate repositioning of booster on to launch mount — ready to re-fly in under an hour,” he tweeted.

What do you think on its new launch, share your views and keep reading for more!


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