Eddie Van Halen Cremated, Son Wolfgang to Scatter Ashes: Report

According to a death certificate that is obtained by TMZ which says Eddie Van Halen has been cremated, with his ashes. The ashes which have been given to his son, Van Halen and Wolfgang. However, this news came after two months since Eddie died following a battle with cancer. Eddie died on October 6.

He was cremated after 22 days from his death. Moreover, as per reports it’s said his ashes is expected to scatter by Wolfgang in the Pacific Ocean. Where in the Pacific Ocean? It’s off the coast of Malibu, located in California. 

Last month Wolfgang In an interview said that he was devastated by the “monumental” number of support from fans for his father. His father who was diagnosed with lung cancer (fourth stage) in  2017 and was said to live only around six weeks by the doctor. 

But, with proper treatment in Germany, his term of living changed and eventually helped him live longer. Wolfgang added, it was something like a blessing to spend time with his dad during his final days, but he can’t deny that the time was “really rough” for him.

Wolfgang said he would have hardly got a break, and things just kept on piling. But at the time things aren’t expected to get smoother and remain the worst situation of his life he ever experienced. 

However, he said he was very happy as he was spending every second with his father that he could.  

Wolfgang, being 29-year-old was Van Halen’s youngest member of the band. It’s the band, whose final lineup consisted of Eddie’s brother David Lee Roth and Alex Van Halen.

The band now said officially broke up after Eddie died. Wolfgang looking forward to continuing his band career and performing with the band Mammoth WVH. 

Eddie Van Halen died with his wife Janie Liszewski alongside. Both tied the knot in the year 2009. The news that confirmed Eddie does was given by his son Wolfgang on Instagram. Wolfgang son of Eddie and actress Valerie Bertinelli Eddie’s first wife.

This is all from the news, and for more such news update from the entertainment world, stay tuned! 


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