Will EastEnders’ Ian be attacked? Will he die? I know, you must be thinking how do we know the answers. But we think the spoiler has come out. 

EastEnders is a British soap Opera television show which is based on the life of residents. One of those residents is Ian Beale. The question which is troubling the viewers including me is Will Ian get attacked by someone? 

Let’s try to find out the answers.

Who will attack Ian Beale? Is it the end of him?

 In an announcement made last week, it was made clear that the most loyal and hardworking person for the longest-running ‘EastEnders’ will face an attack. Now, will the attack result in Ian’s death? Umm yeah, it was also said that he would be left for dead in the run-up to Christmas. 

It is Ian’s fault. He has made so many enemies this year and all of them have different reasons to harm him. Someone has money issues with him, or someone has found his involvement in the death of Dennis to leave his son Peter without his considerations.

When we made some trials, and we found that more details are now emerging that will tell you who will lead-up to the assault? It also includes the arrest of Ian and also Ian’s son Peter teaming up with Bobby to take revenge on Ian.

The main scene will air in December but as per the sources, it is found that Bobby has a point to shake hands with Peter. At the award show, Bobby goes through turmoil who deserves the special Lucy Beale Award at Queen Vic, when with no surprise for us Ian comes up with a chiming suggestion.

It is not done for Ian. Later he acquires the stage and takes on Bobby’s speech which makes Bobby upset. He then tries to butter up Elliot for her review in Walford Gazette. As a result, the people around there become annoyed by him.

Surprisingly Police arrive and move to the stage. Ben Mitchell thinks that they are looking for him but Ian is the one who gets caught by the Police. What he has done now to get involved with Police.

Bobby who hardly knows about Ian finds the true colors of him. Peter who is already upset by his father’s betrayal takes advantage of the moment and asks Bobby to team up with him so that they can sort Ian out together.


We all know what Bobby is capable of so as Peter after he killed Lucy. So, who’s plan is to kill Peter’s dad Ian? We will find out in upcoming episodes.

Till then stay safe and stunned with us to catch the latest notifications every time.


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