EastEnders’ Lucas Johnson faces brutal beating after Phil Mitchell threat

Recently, British Soap Opera EastEnders hinted that Phillip Mitchell, aka Phil, was the culprit behind the vicious attack on serial killer Lucas Johnson. Moreover, that episode was aired on Tuesday. Sources reveal that Lucas (played by Don Gilet) was brutally beaten in front of his daughter Chelsea.

In Tuesday’s episode, it was shown that Lucas was brutally welcomed to Walford. However, there is a question about who was behind all this. If we take a look at the last installment, Kim Fox (played by Tameka Empson) and Patrick Trueman (played by Rudolph Walker) were determined to protect Denise (played by Diane Parish). Furthermore, they asked Jack Branning (played by Diane Parish) to intervene.

Jack felt sympathetic, and Kim’s plan to get even with Lucas would stop the course of justice. Patrick wasn’t ready to give up easily, so he decided to give an offer to Phill Mitchell. He told Phil to get rid of Lucas, and in return, he would let him have quality time with his son Raymond. Patrick explained that he is asking a father to father.

Phil said that Denise would never agree to this plan, but Patrick promised that she would never know about this. Later on, Phil met Lucas while he was having dinner. His daughter Chelsea wasn’t there. Lucas resisted when Phil told him to stay away from Denise. He told the crime boss that Denise was not part of his business.

Lucas sniped that just because Phil made Denise pregnant, that is why she gave away the baby. Throughout the confrontation, Lucas has a sinister smile plastered on his face. Then, Phil gave him a threat that he would make sure he gets hurt like his son Jordan and left.

Then, Phil went to Denise’s home, where he and Patrick talked. He told him to complete his end of the deal. He also told him to bring his son Raymond on New Year’s Day. The episode ended with a sinister scene, where Lucas and Chelsea were walking to their car, and three goons attacked him.

One of the goons kept beating Lucas, and the other forced Lucas’ daughter into the car. Chelsea panicked, and her screams echoed down the dark road. While still getting beaten up, Lucas cried that it has nothing to do with her daughter.

Final Words

Patrick thinks his issue has been solved, but this is just a start. He is going to get in big trouble on New Year’s Day. The next episode of EastEnders will be airing on Thursday, December 31, 2020, on BBC One, sharp at 7.30 pm.

We will be back with more news about the upcoming episode of this series, so stay tuned.


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