Easiest Way to Swap Ethereum for Bitcoin: No KYC and Best Rates

Looking for an opportunity to exchange crypto fast, anonymously, and with the lowest exchange rates possible? Then you are in the right place. Find out how to exchange cryptos, like ETH to BTC, with the best rates without KYC.

Why Convert Ethereum to Bitcoin?

Both these cryptocurrencies don’t need an introduction. Nowadays, even people who are not into crypto trading know what these two are. However, for those new to the crypto world, let’s run through some of the main facts about Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Bitcoin (BTC) is usually compared to digital gold. It is understandable, taking into account:

  • It’s the first successful cryptocurrency;
  • It was designed as an alternative to traditional money;
  • Due to the limited number of coins, the price of Bitcoin only increases. It’s exactly what happens to real-life gold on the market. 

Ethereum (ETH), on the other hand, is compared to digital silver, as it is the second-biggest cryptocurrency on the crypto market. You can also use it as an alternative to usual money. However, it has a slightly different focus. It’s a currency that traders mostly use on NFT markets or to sign smart contracts. 

Which crypto coins to buy or sell depends on your personal priorities. If you want to make a long-term investment, Bitcoin is a better choice. You may prefer Ethereum if you’re a digital artist, as it’s a currency of crypto art markets. 

You can make a profit with the ETH to BTC coin pair if you exchange it at the right time. A bright example is last year’s May crash of Bitcoin. At that time, the price of Ethereum also increased, which allowed many traders to buy Bitcoins much cheaper than usual. 

What Is 1 Ethereum to Bitcoin Exchange Rate?

The exchange rate of the ETH to BTC cryptocurrency trading pair is more stable in 2022. You can exchange 1 ETH for 0.07 BTC. You can check how the exchange rate of 1 eth to bitcoin changes to make transactions with the lowest rate. 

Best Place to Trade Ethereum to Bitcoin

Another issue you need to solve is finding a decent exchange platform. Godex is a perfect option if you look for quick and anonymous exchanges with low exchange rates. You can also track the exchange rate of both currencies for the best deal possible. 

With Godex, you can trade not only ETH to BTC but over 300 cryptocurrencies. All you need is a smartphone, Internet connection, and a crypto wallet to exchange crypto with Godex. 

5 Easy Actions Get Bitcoins From Ethereum

To exchange ETH to Bitcoin on Godex, all you have to do is to follow these uncomplicated steps:

  1. Choose cryptocurrencies you want to exchange (Ethereum in a left field, Bitcoin in a right one);
  2. Write down the number of coins you want to sell or buy. No need to fill both fields, the algorithms will do it automatically;
  3. Fill in a field with an address of your BTC crypto wallet;
  4. Send ETH on the crypto wallet specified by Godex;
  5. Wait a few minutes. Godex needs several moments to complete an exchange.

If your transaction has failed to be complete or you have any other issues, make sure to contact Godex customer support. The support team is always in touch and ready to help you solve any problem 24/7.

Upon Consideration

Exchanging ETH to BTC is highly profitable and won’t cost you much. However, you can make it even more profitable by cutting down on different fees. Here are the main tips on how to convert ETH to BTC with a minimal fee:

  • Track the prices of each coin (simply through Google or by using more advanced trading apps or websites);
  • When you see that the price of the coin you want decreases, don’t lose a moment and trade; 
  • Avoid platforms that take additional fees for exchange transactions; 
  • Follow the crypto news (sometimes, they may act like red flags for you to sell or buy a certain cryptocurrency).

Most tips here are about waiting and monitoring. If you are not into sitting all day in front of your PC, waiting for a miracle — download the Godex app. With the Godex app, you can have all trading information on your smartphone. And when it is a perfect time to trade ETH to BTC, you will make an exchange anywhere in a few clicks.


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