Dwayne Johnson Reportedly Eyed For New Scorpion King Movie

Dwayne Johnson has been making huge paydays from the beginning of its filmy career. He also achieved the title of the highest-paid actor from all over the world on various events. Currently, he is only starring in an insignificant promoting role that stopped with his personality, signifying the subject of any of the worst CGI ever put to the big screen. Johnson was paid a record-breaking fee for a first-time actor with around $5 million for contracting on The Mummy Returns.

Following the inspired answer to his behavior, spinoff The Scorpion King was admitted to the green light. He again places records after hitting up a check for $5.5 million; the enormous amount is ever given to someone for their first principal role. The film presented so well and correctly, satisfactory B-level workfare, and it was nothing to write home regarding. Still, it did honest business at the box office after receiving almost $180 million on a $60 million budget.

The Scorpion King franchise has continued for almost two decades after johnsons left away. Nevertheless, you had been issued for being unaware of the four bargain-basement sequels that appeared between 2008 and 2018, with low budget stalwarts like Randy Couture, Billy Zane, Ron Perlman, and Rutger Hauer all falling by at different points. Nevertheless, insider Daniel Richtman is now revealing that Universal is currently working on other Scorpion King film. Without this time, they want to take back the original frontman and repeat the franchise to theatres.   

Whether Johnson would even be concerned about his smallest contribution at this point in his profession is already up for conversation. He also got several meaningful blockbusters projects on the horizon for so many years. But his fans are very excited, eagerly waiting, and pretty useful to see him come again for the role he is performing all this time.  


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