Remember the ‘The Scorpion King’ of 2002, if you were admired from the movie there is good news for you. The lead and debutant actor of that movie Dwayne Johnson is planning to reboot his debut movie. 

Re-imagination of this cool movie will be a motivation

If you are a fan of ‘The Scorpion King’ and of Dwayne Johnson as well then, this article will bring a smile to your face. The American-Canadian actor popularly known as The Rock is planning something about his debut movie ‘The Scorpion King’ of 2002.

The movie made his entrance into Hollywood and we know rest is the history. Yeah, Johnson is more famous as The Rock a name he got from the wrestler ring but after his appearances in many blockbuster movies like ‘Jumanji’ and ‘Fast and Furious’. So, we can predict now how eager are the fans of Rock. Let’s call him Rock in the rest of the article.

Rock himself is very excited to reboot the idea of ‘The Scorpion King’. The 48-years-old has done partnership with Universal Pictures for further proceedings. He has also contacted writer Jonathan Herman regarding the script, and to bring additional changes. This shows how excited Rock is.

‘The Scorpio King’ came in 2002, a year after the movie ‘The Mummy Return’ which is considered as the ascendant of Rock debut movie. Johnson was presented as an antagonist in that movie.

It seems that Johnson doesn’t want any fault so, he has kept a production with him named Seven Bucks which is of Danny Garcia. The reboot wants to break the earlier record of its previous stage. In 2002’s film Johnson played the role of a desert warrior Mathayus. The movie earned name and fame and money about USD 178.9 million across the globe.

When Rock was asked about the reason for the rebooting, he said that the story of ‘The Scorpion King’ was motivating and he wants that the new generation needs stuff and contents which motivate them. He wants to dedicate the cool mythology to the newcomers.

He added to his comment that he wouldn’t have that career but he is lucky enough that he was the part of ‘The Scorpion King’. He seemed thrilled in the interview as it seems Rock wants to give opportunities to the new lad as he said that love to see these hard workers actors today.


Rock is known for his punches and kicks in the ring but after he has debuted, he has made a special perspective about himself. We can expect a big blockbuster from the Rock.

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