Dustin Diamond has stage 4 cancer, completes the first round of chemo

“Saved by the bell” star Dustin Diamond has supposedly finished his first round of chemo in quite a while fighting stage 4 disease. 

The entertainer’s group disclosed to the media that he is battling stage 4 little cell carcinoma. The site reports that the disease has metastasized in Diamond’s lungs. 

The TV star, 44, will plan second chemotherapy round soon and has plans to start non-intrusive treatment. Luckily, his group disclosed to TMZ that he is upbeat, staying positive as he interfaces with fans on the web, and invests energy with his sweetheart. 

The precious stone was hospitalized recently because of broad agony and uneasiness, and not long after affirmed his fight with the disease through Facebook. 

Following his finding, Diamond’s previous “Bailed out by luck” co-stars Mario Lopez and Tiffani Thiessen sent messages of help.


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