Dune’s Theatrical Release Could Be Saved By Legendary Lawsuit

Legendary has moved ahead to solve the dispute with Warner & Bros. of the release of the film ‘Dune’. 

The studio said that it is standing behind the movie and with an aim to preserve the theatre release of the film which will suppose to happen in 2021. 

The solution will be through any legal action or they will do any negotiation with WB.

WB wants ‘Dune’ to hit on HBO Max and theatre on the same day!

The lawsuit from Legendary could save the theatre release of the movie ‘Dune’. Actually, the studio has 75% financial right over the film which also includes every right over the novel. The dispute is due to an announcement made by Warner & Bros that the movie Dune will hit together on HBO Max and theatres and on the same day.

Legendary is happy at all with the decision and thus is working on bringing a Lawsuit and can bring which could save theatre release of the film. Significantly, Legendary also shares some stake in another Warner & Bros movie name Godzilla Vs Kong. The film will arrive a few months probably before four months from the movie Dune in the month of May.

There is a point to notice that the studio was eager to shop around the buyers for Godzilla Vs Kong but WarnerMedia closed the sale of $250 million. Now, the question which can trouble your mind that what problems do Legendary has with HBO release of Dune?

Let me answer your question. Actually, Legendary thinks that HBO max release will damage the viability of the potential massive franchise. And this is their major concern. Now, this fight between Legendary and WB has delayed the reporting time of Dune.

Legendary is looking comfortable with that. It is confident that the late release of the movie will encourage more people to watch it. According to them by the time the movie will hit on 1st October and at that time enough vaccination would have been done. So, the audience will open their doors to visiting the theatres like before. 

WB has already confirmed that they are doing the same with Godzilla Vs Kong which will also release together on HBO Max and theatres. Well, I can understand the concern of both W&B and Legendary. The sequel of Dune’s novel has already been written. Both studios are trying to make Dune a hit so that they can go for its sequel. And if the movie fails, no one is going to make part two. It will be a spinoff for HBO Max.


Let’s see if the matters resolve through legal actions or Legendary will do any negotiation with W&B. They just have to assure the audience that the release will affect by this and they will see Dune. 


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