Drive My Car Named Best Picture By L.A. Film Full Review

The Los Angeles Film Critics Association held its annual award ceremony recently. A lot of awards were given away, but a surprise winner bagged two of the most important awards. Here are all the details about the same.

The Surprise Winner

The prices for the Best Picture and Best Screenplay awards were taken away by the Japanese movie Drive My Car. The movie has been directed by Ryusuke Hamaguchi. Apart from these awards the movie this year has also bagged the top awards at the Asia Pacific Screen Awards, New York Film Critics Circle function, and at the Boston Society of Film Critics Awards. The list does not end there.

The movie also won an award at the coveted Cannes Film Festival 2021 where it bagged the award for the best screenplay.

That being mentioned, we are sure, by naming so many awards, you are now curious to know more about the movie. So, here you go.

About Drive My Car

Drive My Car is a Japanese movie. Takamasa Oe is the Screenplay writer for the movie. He wrote the screenplay based on a short story written by Haruki Murakami. Hidetoshi Shinomiya is in the lead role of the movie.

Moreover, C&I Entertainment, Culture Entertainment and Bitters End are the production companies for the movie.

The movie was released on 20th August 2021 in Japan where it made $1.8 million. Here is a trailer for the movie.

Drive My Car Trailer

The movie is about a couple who have lost their 4-year-old daughter due to pneumonia. The loss breaks down the couple mentally and emotionally. They both manage the loss differently. At first, they grow farther apart and then slowly once again close up to each other. 

Right now, the movie is not available on any OTT platform but given its success at the various award functions, it is only a matter of time before someone presents it to us.


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