The dream has been making Minecraft videos for numerous years, but no one has ever seen his face. They’ve just seen the smiling symbol that has come to represent his name.

Dream’s YouTube account was created in February of 2014 and has remained faceless ever then, but that may change. Fans have long pleaded for a face reveal, as they do with streamers and gamers who do not expose their faces (Minecraft star Corpse Husband 8experiences it, too). For once, their pleas may not be ignored.

The dream has stated that unveiling his face is an inescapable step and that he has a plan for how he would do it, but he has not specifically mentioned when he will remove the mask.

Dream Face Reveal

Minecraft star cleverly posted an image on Twitter wherein he was wearing a Cowboy hat. But, instantly deleted because the fact that fans would share the picture in no time. A similar act was done in August 2021 wherein, he used a smiling mask to hide his face except his hair on an Instagram post.

As a result, the curious fans figured out it was an act of deceiving and playing around. With that being mentioned, this accusation was done by a fan on Twitter stating that Dream had fooled the people he deceived. But in response to it Dream vehemently denied this. this clearly shows that dream is leaving no stone unturned to keep his identity secret for now.

Why Dream is Faceless in Minecraft??

Being a famous personality like that doesn’t usually provide much privacy, but Dream has done his best to make his personal life as private as possible. Dream, like his companion Corpse Husband, has kept his face covered for the length of his internet career. He often employs a stick figure-like painting on a green backdrop as his internet avatar and wears a happy face mask while appearing in public.

However, this anonymity appears to have come at a cost. People have attempted to exploit Dream’s faceless nature against him in the past. People attempted to link Dream to a video in which someone playing “Minecraft” uttered a racist slur a few months ago. Dream has categorically denied being the person in the video (as has the owner of the channel), but problems didn’t stop there. Things became much more complicated when Dream went to clear his name.

When will Dream do a face reveal?

Dream unleashed a bombshell to fans just before the end of 2021. He informed them that he intends to remove the mask in 2022. It’s been a long time since the teaser and he still hasn’t done it, but there’s hope.

On December 25, he stated the following about a facial reveal:

“He’ll (Georgenotfound) be doing like a Vlog type thing. In his Vlog, we’ll meet or whatever, I probably won’t have my face in that but… most likely, could be, we’ll see. I don’t know all the details. After that, I’d say within a week or two… maximum of two weeks from that. I guess it just depends on how complicated the face reveal will be.”

There’s also a possibility Dream’s real-life Minecraft manhunt may disclose his identity. It would be extremely tough to film and do a manhunt without revealing his face or wearing a complete mask the entire time. Whatever happens, his followers will be thrilled to see it.

Is there a meaning behind the mask in Minecraft?

With over 100 million users, Minecraft is a game that has grown in popularity since its debut. One of the most unique parts of the game is that you play as a disembodied head hovering in darkness, only seeing your blocky avatar and anything he clutches. The player can remove their mask and float around freely in space, although this provides no real advantage. Some ardent supporters believe it must have a deeper meaning.

So, what does the developer of Minecraft, Markus Notch Persson, have to say about it? In a nutshell, no one knows why. Persson claims that it was inserted by one of his staff, not him. It was simply something that was introduced later during production while he wasn’t looking. There is no deeper significance.

At first, fans didn’t think it was a big issue that Minecraft’s developer Markus Person (aka Notch) opted not to include a face of Dream in the game. But why did he opt to make him faceless in such a well-known game? Well, as you may recall, Notch created Minecraft with its users in mind. He wanted people to connect with their game avatar and have an emotional connection to it. According to him, the avatar having a real-life human-looking face would make the gameplay weird since the game is highly pixelated.

So, instead of having Dream appear like anybody, Notch made him look like everyone—or, more accurately, no one. This technique is based on the idea that there is no face on Dream since there is no player behind Dream; “he represents all of us.”

Reactions of people:

Many of the Minecraft star Dream’s streams have been well received by fans, including Minecraft Unsolved, Speedrunner versus Hunters, Survivor vs Hunters, and many others. Furthermore, he has held Minecraft speedrun titles, even if one of them was marred by controversy.

The fact that no one knows what he looked like was the most important factor in the immense mystery that surrounded him. Fans have speculated a lot about the person behind the mask, and several rumored faces have appeared throughout the years.

Dream has even taken advantage of this by “teasing” his followers with his unmasking. He never truly displayed his face to them, though, until lately, when he hinted that he could do so when British streamer George NotFound visits America and vlogs with him.

Right after he teased a face reveal in George NotFound’s vlog, Twitter exploded. Dream supporters were ecstatic at the thought of finally seeing the face they had been waiting for next year.


His YouTube Channel:

Here are a few interesting facts about the mysterious Minecraft YouTuber who’s one of the fastest-growing creators on the platform:

  • Dream’s Youtube channel was created in 2014.
  • The YouTuber has shattered several stream records and received millions of views every month.
  • Dream has 16.4 million YouTube followers, making it one of the platform’s fastest-growing channels.
  • Despite his controversies, the Minecraft star still has one of the most devoted fan following online.

Dream started his YouTube account in 2014, although he didn’t appear to be uploading consistently until July 2019. In his first video, he “triggers” people watching by playing the game as badly as possible, such as piling blocks on top of chests, slaughtering sheep for their wool, and eating rotting flesh.

Dream began uploading content on a regular basis after his first upload. Felix Kjellberg, better known online as PewDiePie, had been playing “Minecraft” for his vast following of over 100 million subscribers at the time. Using tactics he acquired from forums, Dream was able to re-engineer Kjellberg’s “world seed,” or the randomly generated planet his “Minecraft” game had built. The video had 200,000 views in the first two days, prompting him to create three more that received over two million views in less than two weeks. Dream had 54,000 subscribers by the end of July 2014, and his stardom was born.

Dream would upload pretty regularly over the following year, eventually amassing hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of video views. His “Minecraft Speedrunner versus.” The series, in which Dream would select to complete the game while specific NPCs (non-player characters) chased him or goals were to be achieved, was hugely popular. He would also begin working alongside GeorgeNotFound, a friend and future member of Dream-IRL roleplaying server, which he would launch in May of 2020.


Innovative expression:

Seeing creative expression may be incredibly encouraging, and viewers can become encouraged when individuals share their thoughts in person. This acts as a reminder to others to confront their aspirations head-on, establishing an environment of togetherness, which we all crave. We live in a world where we are continuously jostled and compelled to change. As a result, we must halt from time to time in order to return to our core.

This is why Dream has become so famous. He helps his fans to travel to an utopian minecraft world in their imaginations. You can do anything if you grasp your full potential. Dream has often reminded his fans that it doesn’t matter if you have a disability or not; everything is possible if you believe in yourself.

 Pleasant social media platform:

Another reason Dream irl is popular is because it allows users to interact, engage, and create new friends. In Dream irl, members also share their “dream face” reveal, so they’re sharing a little part of themselves with the community. As a result, people are drawn to this; by interacting with others who share similar interests. They may meet new people and learn more about what makes them special. Dream irl is a website where people who utilize social media may have real-life enjoyment. Fans leak made-up dream faces on twitter as a joke and keep the community continuously engaged.

As a result, the fad has gained traction on social media sites. This degree of participation is unique to Dream irl and keeps people returning for more. The newest Twitter buzz is on the latest dream trends, one of which is a dream Minecraft face. People are drawn to this fad because they want to view their favorite celebrities’ and friends’ faces as they watch the stream. This is a fantastic method to interact with others and gain insight into their life.

The community is friendly and welcoming:

Dream-IRL is an online gaming community founded by Dream. The sense of community is one of the nicest aspects about Dream-IRL. Everyone is kind and welcoming, and you may make friends from all over the world. If you’re seeking for someone to play games with or speak with, you’ll find it here. You may have assumed that an online community couldn’t be this warm and accepting until we arrived, but we’ve thrown that notion on its head.

Despite the fact that the current dream face reveal trend was popular a few months ago, many people are still unaware of the Dream’s real face. That’s why we’re here to tell you everything! Face Reveal is most probably going to take place in the Dream-IRL community. However, there are some important things to consider. Dream IRL, for example, is more popular, with over a million users. It is free to join, however there are several other social communities for Dream fans to choose from where Dream is active and he chooses to do a face reveal in any of them.

Another community server, DreamSMP was started by Dream for his fans to play in it. The survival multiplayer world server is still active today, with several notable Minecraft YouTubers streaming their everyday gameplay on the server.

To Summarize:

The Dream face unveiling has been rather quiet. Dream did set out a premise for it and affirmed that he wants to execute it, but he hasn’t provided any other information. For the time being, it’s a waiting game for the committed fans who have been anxiously awaiting the day the mask comes off. Fortunately, the wait appears to be short at the moment.


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