On Wednesday Thierry Breton, the bloc’s digital chief said that all tech giants that break if found braking the new EU rules then acting will be taken against those. The action includes temporary or permanent restricting their powers and could even face fines. 

This announcement from Breton came just two weeks before he is due to present this draft rules inform of other EU countries and in the European Parliament. This rules we’re named as the Digital Markets Act (DMA) to keep an eye on gatekeepers and Digital Services Act (DSA to check the algorithm of tech giants. 

Moreover, this new EU rules will more likely to affect big US tech giants like-  Apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. 


The report says the new EU rule DSA will force tech companies to elaborate everything about how their algorithms work. More to that the companies will also have to open up their advertising archives to controls and researchers.

Apart from this, the DMA will keep an eye on online gatekeepers who have a list of requirements. This list of requirements includes sharing of essential data with rivals and regulators. Moreover, this rule isn’t having a half here but will also include a range of sanctions.

Breton to reporters during the online briefing said the action will start with a fine if that isn’t enough then will proceed to a bigger fine, then a temporary remedy and specific remedies. you the end of the day, there is a set of competition rules, and lastly structural separation.

He added the structural separation is not the main objective not either his objective, it’s just in the law body to make sure can even be taken if necessary. 

However, there’s still some time before this planned laws get in effect, though. The European Commission before implementing these new rules will have to intervene with EU countries and importantly with the European Parliament.

This legislative procedure might take a year to two to agree and come in action. Stay tuned for more tech news.


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