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Wu Jing co-wrote, co-produced, and directed Wolf Warrior 2 (Chinese: 2), a 2017 Chinese action film in which he also starred. Celina Jade, Frank Grillo, Hans Zhang, and Wu Gang also star in the film. The film is a sequel to Wolf Warrior, which was released in 2015.

On July 27, 2017, it was published in China. The film follows Leng Feng, a loose cannon Chinese soldier who undertakes secret missions all over the world. In this sequel, he’s in Africa, saving humanitarian relief personnel from tribal insurgents and ruthless gun smugglers.

Wolf Warrior 2 was praised in China for its patriotic storyline, visual effects, action scenes, and performances by the cast. It was a huge commercial hit, and it went on to become the highest-grossing Chinese film of all time.

The film set many box office records, including the highest single-day gross for a Chinese film and the fastest film to reach the RMB 2 billion, 3 billion, 4 billion, and 5 billion mark. It was also the first film to gross more than US$600 million in China, as well as the fastest to surpass US$500 million.

It is the second highest-grossing movie of all time in a common market, after Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($936.7 million in North America), and has outgrossed Avengers: Endgame (858.4 million), Avatar ($760 million), Black Panther ($700 million), and Titanic ($659 million) in North America. At US$874 million, the film was the seventh highest-grossing film of 2017, and the 54th highest-grossing film worldwide.


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Following the events of Wolf Warrior, Leng Feng and members of his special-ops unit return to his hometown and pay their respects to his fallen comrade’s family, only to find the town on the brink of being demolished.

During the funeral, a real estate firm is demolishing his home and the home of his comrade’s family.

The real estate company’s manager comes after them with a rifle and sneers at them for showing the remains to the family, only to be knocked to the ground. The boss sends his henchmen to attack them, but Feng and the other soldiers quickly disable them all.

Soon after, police appear and ask Feng to hand over the pistol he took from the manager. The boss rises and declares that he would “make the family wish they were dead,” which enrages Feng to the point where he kicks the boss in the chest, causing him to crash into the windshield of a police car and kill him.

Feng is sentenced to two years in a military jail and then released from the Chinese army. Feng leaves for Africa after being released from jail, intending to wander for the remainder of his life.

He foils an attempted hijacking by Somalian pirates by beating them in hand-to-hand battle underwater while working as a mercenary providing protection on a freighter carrying relief supplies to Africa.

The freighter arrives at its destination without incident. Feng has been bearing a bullet he discovered for three years, a key to his fiancée, Lieutenant Colonel Long Xiaoyun’s abduction when she was on a mission.

One day, Feng and some locals are celebrating on a beach when they are targeted by armed groups seeking to topple the African nation’s government. The Chinese fleet arrives shortly after the arrival of the rebels and mercenaries who have overwhelmed the government forces to rescue Chinese nationals caught up in the civil war.

When on board, a Chinese shop owner whom he assisted in rescuing informs him that the bullet he is carrying is the property of European mercenaries assisting the rebels.

Feng volunteers after overhearing guards about the need for someone to save factory employees and a VIP, Dr. Chen, who is working on an antidote for Lamanla, a deadly endemic disease.

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He is, however, on his own because, without authorization from the Chinese military’s higher authority, no other staff will accompany him while they are on foreign soil. He flies to the hospital, which is 60 kilometres from the dock, and reaches the building just as Dr Chen is killed by mercenaries headed by Big Daddy, a brutal American mercenary leader known as the Dyon Corps.

Dr Chen advises him to take his daughter, an African girl named Pasha, with him as he dies. Feng and Pasha, as well as a female volunteer doctor named Rachel Smith, manage to escape the mercenaries’ clutches.

He slices his hand in a mass of Lamanla-infected bodies while fleeing, but he shakes it off and continues walking. Feng also goes to rescue his godson’s girlfriend, who works in the Hanbound factory, as part of their quest to save the Chinese.

Feng is met by security and the factory’s owner’s uncle, Zhuo Yifan, a cocky fuerdai who is also an army fanatic, when he arrives at the Hanbound factory. The factory is attacked by Big Daddy’s mercenaries, who believe Pasha is the one who has the cure for Lamanla.

Feng informs everyone at the plant that the Chinese fleet will send a helicopter to evacuate them. Women and children will be evacuated by helicopter, while the rest of the crew will walk to the fleet.

The factory crew members are protected by Feng, his old friend, and Yifan from the red scarf members and dangerous mercenaries. When Big Daddy and the other mercenaries and insurgents are ordered to retreat, Feng is about to be overwhelmed.

Since China is a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, the rebel leader assures Big Daddy that no Chinese will die when he is in office. Big Daddy assassinates him and ascends to the throne.

He directs all to return to the factory in order to recover Pasha and assassinate Feng. Feng decides to leave the factory after the factory employees learn about his Lamanla infection. He is given a virus serum and discovers from Rachel that Dr. Chen has created a cure by using contaminated patients that have recovered and gained immunity; Pasha, who is also one of Dr. Chen’s patients instead of his daughter, is the only one who has established immunity.

Big Daddy and the rest of the gang arrive at the factory to kidnap Pasha and assassinate Feng. They gather the staff and await the arrival of the Chinese helicopter.

To save everyone stuck in the warehouse, Feng arrives with Rachel and Pasha. The staff are rescued, and a helicopter is dispatched. Pasha and Rachel attempt to flee by helicopter, but the aircraft is shot down. All takes shelter while the war begins, with Feng and his allies battling hordes of Dyon Corps mercenaries and rebels.

When the Chinese fleet notices the large number of losses, it fires missiles at the tanks, destroying them. Meanwhile, while fighting Big Daddy, Feng discovers that the bullet that killed Xiaoyun belongs to Big Daddy and, enraged by her murder, kills Big Daddy in a vicious fight and saves the rest of the crew by transporting them to the UN camps.

Feng is allowed to return to his military squadron by his commander in the mid-credits sequence, but he is shown a recording that Xiaoyun is still alive.

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