Veronica (Spanish: Verónica) is a supernatural horror film directed by Paco Plaza and released in 2017. At the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival, it was screened in the Contemporary World Cinema section.

It is loosely based on the true story of Estefana Gutiérrez Lázaro, who died suddenly after using an ouija board in the Vallecas case in 1991.


In 1991, the film begins in the middle of the action, with emergency personnel responding to a call from a young girl. Until the call is cut off, she sounds panicked and yells about her brother Antoito and someone “coming to get him.” 

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The film then jumps three days back in time. Verónica is a 15-year-old girl who lives in a working-class neighborhood of Vallecas, Madrid, with her mother and three siblings.

Their father recently passed away, and their mother works long hours at a bar to support the family, leaving Verónica to look after her younger siblings, Lucia and Irene twins, and Antoito. 

Her teacher describes how some ancient civilizations used eclipses to stage human sacrifices and invoke dark spirits on the day of the solar eclipse. 

Verónica, her friend Rosa, and their classmate Diana goes into the basement to perform a séance using a Ouija board as the rest of the school gather on the roof to watch the eclipse. 

Diana wants to contact her late boyfriend, who died in a motorcycle crash, and Verónica wants to contact her late father. The board reacts quickly, but Rosa and Diana quickly withdraw their hands when the glass cup becomes too hot to handle. Verónica’s hand is still on it as the eclipse occurs, and the cup shatters, cutting Verónica’s finger and dripping blood onto the surface. 

Verónica becomes unresponsive, whispering something to Rosa who bends in close enough to hear it and then screams demonically. Verónica wakes up in the school nurse’s office after passing out, where she is told she most likely passed out due to an iron deficiency.

Verónica begins to have paranormal experiences. She is reluctant to eat her meal as if she is being held back by an unseen hand. Her body is covered with claw and bite marks, and she hears odd noises. Her friends start to ignore her. 

She returns to the school basement in search of answers, where she encounters the school’s elderly blind nun, dubbed “Sister Death” by the students. The nun chastises her for doing something so dangerous and informs her that the séance has imbued her with a dark spirit, which she must shield her siblings from. The nun attempts but fails to persuade the spirit to leave her.

Verónica creates protective Viking images for the children, only to have them destroyed by the demon. When the spirit chokes Lucia, she attempts to rescue her, but Lucia claims it was Verónica who choked her. Verónica has a dream that her siblings are eating her that night.

She discovers she’s on her first day of periods when she wakes up. She discovers burn marks on the underside of her mattress as she scrubs it. She later discovers a large burn mark in the form of a human body on each of the children’s mattresses. Verónica seeks guidance from Sister Death, who recounts how she used to see evil spirits as a child and purposefully blinded herself in an unsuccessful effort to avoid the visions. 

Sister Death advises her that if she makes amends for what she did wrong, she will compel the spirits to leave. Verónica discovers that saying goodbye to the spirit at the end of the séance is crucial. She asks Rosa and Diana to help her conduct another séance after attending a party at Rosa’s home, but they decline. Rosa reveals that Verónica told her at the séance that she will die in three days.

She agrees to perform the séance with her younger siblings out of desperation. She asks Antoito to draw defensive symbols on the walls, but he goes to the wrong page and draws invocation symbols instead. The spirit refuses to say farewell though she tells it to. 

She alerts the authorities when the spirit kidnaps Antoito, reclaims him, and flees with Lucia and Irene. When she reaches the exit, though, she notices in a mirror that she is not actually carrying Antoito, but has instead imagined it. 

When she returns, she discovers her brother hidden in a closet, calling her name. She locates him and discovers that he refuses to accompany her. Verónica sees the demon in the mirror and realizes she has been possessed by it the entire time and has been hurting her siblings while under its influence. 

She tries to stop the possession by slitting her own throat, but the devil prevents her from doing so. When the cops arrived, she was being assaulted by an unknown force and had passed out. Although a shaken detective watches the scene, the medics take her and Antoito out. 

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The detective is convinced that Verónica has died as he watches a framed portrait of her catch fire. He later mentions unexplained paranormal activity in Madrid five years later, in 1996. The film is based on the true events of the first police investigation in Spain in which a police officer certifies having experienced paranormal activity, according to the plot.

Is Veronica scariest movie ever?

Veronica is a Spanish supernatural horror film that has received a lot of praise from critics. Despite its surprise release on NETFLIX with little to no fanfare and little anticipation, the film is already being hailed as one of the scariest films of the year.

Horror as a genre is highly subjective, and people often disagree on what constitutes frightening. Veronica, on the other hand, has a lot of creepy elements. This is a well-made and Very terrifying low-budget film that packs a lot more punch than it seems. And if the movie doesn’t scare you enough, the story it’s based on is sure to do so.

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