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Saamy 2 (commonly called as Saamy Square) is a 2018 Tamil action thriller film written and directed by Hari and produced by Shibu Thameens. It stars Vikram as both a father and a son, with Keerthy Suresh and Aishwarya Rajesh as the female characters, and Prabhu, Bobby Simha, and Soori in supporting parts. The film is a sequel to Saamy, which was released in 2003. The Telugu dubbed version of the film was released in theatres on September 21, 2018.

Saamy 2 – Plot Details

DCP Aarusaamy (Vikram) was transferred out of Tirunelveli after finishing his assignment. Perumal Pichai resides blissfully in Dindigul with his now-pregnant wife Bhuvana (Aishwarya Rajesh), who aspires to pursue an IAS career. 

Perumal Pichai’s people in Tirunelveli believe that he is already in Colombo alongside his second wife (Sudha Chandran) and with their three sons: Mahendra Pichai (O. A. K. Sundar), Raavana Pichai (John Vijay) and Devendra Pichai (John Vijay) (Bobby Simha).

Raavana goes to Tirunelveli after asking his mother about his father’s location in Colombo, where he learns that Saamy murdered his father. 

Raavana goes on the quest for the men who turned against his father and reclaims his father’s mantle. Saamy requests and receives a transfer to Tirunelveli in order to halt Raavana.

Download Saamy 2 Tamil Full Movie For In Free In 1080p HD Quality

Ramsaamy (Vikram) has lived in New Delhi for the past 28 years, working as a front office manager for Union Minister G. Viswanathan (Prabhu).

He is a post-doc in law and plans to pursue IAS as per his grandparents’ desires (Delhi Ganesh and Sumitra), who nurtured him in a Brahminical and non-violent manner so that he does not end up like his father, a police officer.

Ram encounters Viswanathan’s daughter Diya (Keerthy Suresh), who has returned from London after finishing her studies and who continually contradicts him.

When Raavana questions Viswanathan about the pending commission to be paid for surreptitiously moving the party finance, he simply tells her to approach the party, not him. Raavana, enraged, kidnaps Diya and demands immediate payment.

Ram saves her from Raavana’s thugs and returns her to her house. His diplomatic manner impresses her, and she falls in love with him. Soon later, Ram unintentionally seizes a vehicle holding illegal money being transported on a commission basis by Raavana. He gives the money to India’s President without revealing his name, which irritates Raavana once again. Diya frequently makes proposals to Ram, which he initially refuses but eventually accepts.

Ram passes the UPSC test and is sent to Mussoorie for a year of training. When he returns, his grandparents are taken aback to learn that he has chosen IPS and has been sent to Tirunelveli as a probationary ACP.

When Ram inquires about the cause for their response, his grandpa admits that his father, Aarusaamy, was a DCP in Tirunelveli. Ram’s grandfather begins to recount the events of 28 years ago. The Pichai brothers hacked Saamy and Bhuvana to death as they were on their way to Tirunelveli to avenge their father’s death. 

Saamy manages to open his deceased wife’s uterus and birth his child prematurely before dying (Ram). Raavana arranges for Bhuvana’s parents to take Ram and flee to Delhi, while the rest of their family is murdered in a truck accident.

Ram is agitated by his sad background and resolves to travel to Tirunelveli to seek justice for his parents’ deaths. Ram’s grandparents agree with his decision, and he travels to Tirunelveli to confront the Pichai brothers.

He initially threatens Raavana and promises to prosecute the Pichai brothers for murdering his parents. Later, Ram demolishes Perumal’s monument, which Raavana had put illegally at a junction, causing major traffic congestion. Ram and Raavana play a cat-and-mouse game, with both of them trying to get rid of the other.

Sammy is sent to Tirunelveli on the president’s instructions, which surprises Raavan because they were unable to go anywhere. Viswanathan, on the other hand, first opposes Ram and Diya’s love, but eventually embraces it.

To prevent Ram from obtaining unlawful extortion money from Raavana, Ram murders Devendra and Mahendra in an accident caused by them in Devendra’s cracker plant, which kills many innocent employees and pregnant women.

In retaliation, Raavana’s thugs begin murdering Tirunelveli residents. Viswanathan decides to quit from politics due to the disgrace he has experienced. Meanwhile, Raavana’s minions arrange for Viswanathan to be killed in a rail accident.

Raavana afterwards flees to Colombo on his mother’s suggestion.

When Ram learns that Raavana intends to travel to Pakistan through Gujarat and Rajasthan, he pursues him. After a long battle with desert robbers and Raavana, Ram defeats Raavana but decides to abandon him in the Thar Desert, where there is no man, town, hamlet, or water supply for hundreds of kilometres.

As the titles roll, Ram tells the press that Raavana fled to Sri Lanka because she was afraid of being killed. Raavana is known to have been to Sri Lanka, but there is no evidence that she returned to India.

Raavana, on the other hand, dies after 17 days in the desert. Ram and Diya married soon after. “Saamy’s journey shall continue,” says the message at the end of the film.

Saamy 2 – Cast Details

Download Saamy 2 Tamil Full Movie For In Free In 1080p HD Quality
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·         Vikram plays the roles of DCP Aarusaamy I.P.S. (father) and ACP Ramasaamy I.P.S. (son) in the film (dual role)

·         Diya Viswanathan, Minister Viswanathan’s daughter and Ramasaamy’s love interest, is played by Keerthy Suresh.

·         Bhuvana Aarusaamy, Aarusaamy’s wife, is played by Aishwarya Rajesh.

·         G. Viswanathan, G. Prabhu, G. Viswanathan, G. Viswanathan, G. Viswana

·         Sakthi, Diya’s maternal uncle, is played by Soori.

·         Mahendra Pichai, the eldest of the Pichai brothers, is played by O. A. K. Sundar.

·         Devendra Pichai, the second of the Pichai brothers, is played by John Vijay.

·         Raavana Pichai, the youngest of the Pichai brothers, is played by Bobby Simha.

·         Inspector Thangavelu is played by Imman Annachi.

·         Punctuality Paramasivam Ramesh Khanna

·         Delhi is a city in India. Srinivasan (Bhuvana’s father) is played by Ganesh. The grandpa of Ramsaamy.

·         Bhuvana’s mother, Sumitra

·         Inspector Noorjahan is played by Uma Riyaz Khan.

·         Shanthi, Diya’s mother and Viswanathan’s wife, is played by Aishwarya Rai.

·         Aarusaamy’s pal Thyagu plays Aiyarettu, while Sanjeev plays Santhosh IPS. Sundaram is a Tamil word that means “sun

·         Aatangkarai Shanmugam is played by Bala Singh.

·         Crane is a crane. Aarusaamy’s aide, Manohar

·         Singamuthu plays a Brahmin, Chaams plays Sundaram, Praveena plays Meenakshi, and Vivek plays Venkatrama Iyengar (only in a portrait)

·         Ilaiya Perumal is played by Kota Srinivasa Rao (Perumal Pichai)

·         In Colombo, Sri Lanka, Sudha Chandran plays Perumal’s second wife.

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Download Saamy 2 Tamil Full Movie For In Free In 1080p HD Quality
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