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Auto Shankar is a ZEE5 Original web series set in Madras from 1985 to 1995 that premiered in 2019. 

The plot revolves around an auto driver whose life is turned upside down when he becomes involved in local liquor transportation and works as a pimp. Appani Sarath plays Auto Shankar, the titular character in the series.


The story revolves around “Auto Shankar,” a gangster. Through his connections to numerous businessmen and politicians, he begins his illegal trade at a low level and ensures that it does not escape his influence. 

Analysts have labelled him a serial killer. His life comes to an end when he is sentenced to death.

Download Auto Shankar Web Series For Free In HD
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  1. “The awakening” – The episode begins in Salem jail, where Auto Shankar is being held as a death row inmate despite the fact that his execution date has been postponed previously.

Shankar is waiting for a call to end his sentence, but it never arrives, leaving him hanging. He begins by transporting illegal liquor, earning him a nickname, and he also falls in love with a cabaret dancer while assisting her when one of the drunkards mistreats her.

  • “The power of game” – Shankar and Chandrika are having an affair. He gains a good reputation as a result of her assistance in smuggling liquor and profiting the leaders, but it harms Ramajayam, who is in charge of development and company in the liquor industry. Rajaram is dating the daughter of a member of the Legislative Assembly.

 In a conference, he loses his mind and speaks arrogantly to a minister, claiming that he is getting lucky because of his MLA relation. The Minister is not pleased, and Ramajayam ceases to pay his monthly bribe to the police for allowing him to conduct his business. Shankar enters the photoshoot and assumes control of the company from a local pimp named Reddy. With the support of political party , Shankar begins to expand his liquor company in new directions.

  • “The rise of the demon” – Reddy complains to the commissioner that the number of brothels in their area has risen, and that they need to take action. This causes trouble for the cops who backed Shankar.

Shankar murders Reddy while making it seem as if he committed suicide. Shankar’s wife abandons him with their daughter because he is having an affair with Chandrika. Though Shankar is unconcerned, his company is booming, with new clients including ministers who want to call girls and Shankar acting as their pimp.

  • “The wolf hunter” – Sudalai, one of his accomplices, shows the minister Chandrika’s picture, and the minister, liking her, invites Chandrika to stay for the night.

Shankar, who has a soft spot for her, neither denies nor obeys. The minister uses the police to try to limit his company, but he eventually has to quit Chandrika. Shankar burns Sudalai when he discovers that he is the cause.

  • “The seed of chaos” – Ramajayam’s three men go to the lodge and take the money. Shankar’s business is back on track now that the minister is pleased with Chandrika. His product line now includes ganja. One of the men is killed by Shankar’s men and set ablaze in his home.
  • “The balancing” – Shankar’s birthday is today. All of the influential people are invited to a grand celebration. One of the police officers, SI, and Shankar had previously had an altercation. Shankar was just an auto driver at the time. In the middle of the night, his child became hungry and began crying.

He goes to a store to buy milk but doesn’t have any money, so he steals some. The SI who witnessed this beats him up and walks away. Shankar confronts the shopkeeper and demands the milk.

 SI believes that he will be a better drug dealer than an auto driver. He forces him to join Raghuram. On Chandrika’s birthday, the SI arrives and makes a wish for her. Shankar smacks him across the face and tells him to leave.

  • “Clean state” – Shankar gets involved in a scheme to get an actor to a politician’s bedside. The actress claims she isn’t interested because he is old and has a rash on his body. Shankar agrees to her contract in exchange for a chance to work with her.

One of Shankar’s employees says she wants to quit her job and start a new life. Shankar discovers she is in love with one of his employees. Shankar kills both of them, as well as the two men who came to the lodge and took all of the money.

  • “Fall of demon” – The SI requests that one of Shankar’s men become accepted. Police are looking for the bodies buried in his home. With no one to save him, the kingdom falls apart in a single day. He gives Chandrika money and tells her to leave because she would be helpful if he is arrested.

Shankar approaches his wife, but she dismisses him. Shankar has been apprehended there. Chandrika hops into her butch life and goes to minister. Shankar is now incarcerated.

  • “The rebirth” – All of his offences have been proven, and he is not eligible for bail. His mother flees for a better person in her eyes because his father was a drug addict, as seen in a flashback from his childhood. His aunt had also abandoned him.

His upbringing was dreadful. He acts to break out of prison with the assistance of the jailor. Money and sex are used to bribe the jailor. Shankar eludes capture by enlisting the aid of three other inmates in a ruse. Shankar’s escape is aided by this.

  1. “The conclusion” – Shankar is being sought by the police. He pays a visit to his father. Owing to his carelessness, he is apprehended by the police and returned.

He is transferred to Salem jail, where his death sentence is confirmed, despite the president’s refusal to grant him mercy. He spends the last few minutes of his life with his mom.

Download Auto Shankar Web Series For Free In HD
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Auto Shankar – Cast Details

One of the biggest reasons for Auto Shankar’s success was its cast members and Auto Shankar also became a path for the cast members to get more movies and TV shows as well. The cast list for Auto Shankar includes:

•           Appani Sarath as Auto Shankar aka “Gowri Shankar”

•           Vasudha as Lalitha

•           Saranya Ravi as Sumathi

•           Selvapandian as Mohan

•           Swayam Siddha as Chandrika

•           Arjun Chidambaram as Kathiravan

•           Rajesh Dev as Babu

If you are whilling to watch the series, right now then do checkout the sections below as here we will be guiding on how you can download Auto Shankar web series in HD for free.

Download Auto Shankar Via Filmyzilla

Download Auto Shankar Web Series For Free In HD
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Filmyzilla is a public torrent platform that distributes pirated Bollywood and Hollywood films. Filmyzilla org is a website that hosts pirated Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam films, as well as Hindi-dubbed Hollywood films.

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Legal Alternative To Torrenting

However, if you are looking for a legal alternative to watch the Auto Shankar web series, then the best way for it would be the stream the series online, and when it comes to streaming online, you can access the Zee5 platform who is also the producer for the web series and watch the series online.

Here we will provide you with the link for Zee5 where you can watch the Auto Shankar web series.


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