We’re eager to fill our calendars with excellent films and TV shows to look forward to after a difficult year for new releases, with everything being put on hold. It is time to go forward: Don’t Be Afraid. As of mid-2020, the movie boasts a stellar cast and team, a compelling plotline, and first look photos that imply the visual is everything. Yes, we’d want to see it a million times.

Updates on Trailer

Yes! A 10-second teaser trailer has been released by filmmaker Olivia Wilde. She also posted a preview on Instagram, where we can see Florence Pugh as Alice, who is dressed to perfection in 1950s style. Florence and Harry Styles, who plays Alice’s husband Jack, are also shown getting *pretty* hot in the film. Our first impression of this psychological thriller from the trailer is that it will be creepy.

Harry Styles and Florence Pugh were spotted on site looking like the perfect 1950s Californian pair before the teaser was released. Florence wears a flowery blue wrap-around dress with a huge bouncy hair dry, while One Direction’s Harry Styles wears two great AF suits, one brown and one navy. Our anticipation for the film is already high.

Updates on Release Date

And it’s still a long way off, regrettably. On Instagram, director Olivia Wilde announced the film’s release date, saying it would be released on September 23, 2022.

Updates on Cast

Numerous persons who are deserving of our respect. Little Women actress Florence Pugh joined the cast in April, followed by Harry Styles (26), who joined the cast in September. Shia LeBeouf apparently backed out of the part due to schedule difficulties, allowing Harry to land the role instead of LeBeouf.

As well as Chris Pine from Wonder Woman, Olivia Wilde (who will also direct) and Sydney Chandler, a relative newbie, have been spotted on location. Gemma Chan and KiKi Layne are also expected to appear in the film, according to reports.

Updates on Plot

Terror meets drama in this thriller. According to Collider, Florence will perform at a “Alice is a dissatisfied housewife who begins to doubt her own sanity after noticing odd happenings in her little, utopian village in the California desert. John Jack (Harry) will be her “picture-perfect spouse, but he is hiding a horrible secret from her.”

According to Deadline, it’s a “psychological thriller set in a 1950s California desert utopian society.” Author Katie Silberman wrote the script, with Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke serving as an executive producer. Aside from directing, Olivia Wilde will appear in the film as well.


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