Leonardo Dicaprio And Jennifer Lawrence In Adam Mckay’s ‘Don’t Look Up’: Film Review

The latest movie with a world-ending plot named Don’t Look Up has created a lot of waves in the critical acclaim department of Hollywood. After just four days of the release of the movie, reviews about the same are pouring in. Here is a jest of them all.

Don’t Look Up Review Of Reviews

Directed by Adam McKay based on a screenplay written by himself, the movie came out on 10th December 2021. The movie stars Leonardo Di Caprio as Dr. Randall Mindy and Jennifer Lawrence as Kate Dibiasky in the lead roles. Kate is a student of Dr. Randall. They both find out about a comet that will hit the Earth in 6 months’ time.

Don’t Look Up Official Trailer

It is so big that the impact would practically end the world. They try to alert everyone about it but the government and the press make them a laughing stock instead of taking them seriously. 

The movie, no doubt has comic credibility but the subject taken is too dark to jock about. The fact that everyone is just making fun of them instead of taking them seriously is hard to stomach. The President uses them to strengthen her campaign and the press only uses them as a morning show comic news piece. Everyone is so ignorant that the story about a celebrity’s breakup gets more screentime than a world-ending disaster. One can say, the movie tried to make a serious thing comic but certainly, more work was needed to make it convincing enough.  

Another turnoff about the movie is that it does not use its star cast properly. Both Caprio’s and Lawrence’s characters are too helpless and easily ridiculed when one can assume that being astronomers, they should get more respect.

The bottom line is, Don’t Look Up disappoints.



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