Anyone who loves skateboarding will know the name, Tony Hawk. He is a skateboarding legend and a lot of his fans have been anxious to know more about his life. The wait for them is finally over as a documentary on Tony Hawks is in the making.

Find out more about the documentary below.


The documentary of Tony Hawk is being made by Sam Jones. Hawk has revealed that the work on the documentary has been going on quietly. He has already provided Jones with his interviews and shots for the documentary.

According to Hawks, the shooting of the documentary is complete and only the editing part is over. Jones has worked with Hawks earlier as well when Jones was hosting the TV series named “Off Camera with Sam Jones” around 2013. It is since then that Jones has been eager to make a documentary focusing on Hawks life only.


A previous documentary on the video games made on Hawk is popular but this new documentary will focus on Hawks life only. The co-producer of this new documentary, Mark Duplass has said that they are very excited to present this documentary to the fans of Hawk. He added that the fans would love it. We believe that the documentary will show how humble Hawk is in real life.

 He loves to socialize with his fans and has also shared that many times people do not recognize him in the crowd. The name of the documentary has not been revealed yet, but it is expected to hit theaters in 2022.

2022 seems a bit far off right now. Hawk will make an appearance in Jackass Forever, which will release in the theaters in October 2021. Savor that for the moment and 2022 will be here before you know it.

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