In a statement, Jodie Whittaker, who is leaving Doctor Who, cites “two memorable moments” from her tenure on the show. ‘Twice Upon A Time’ marked Whittaker’s debut as the Time Lord’s first female occupant, although she will pass over the keys to the TARDIS nearly a year before the 14th Doctor appears.

To Shaun Keaveny, she said she could construct a documentary out of her favourite scenes from the sci-fi franchise. For me, the two biggest pleasures are meeting a whole new cast and crew family and making lifetime friends in an environment where we look forward to going to work every day and being a part of something so fantastic”.

After a chuckle, she explained: “We’ve been given our baton and we’re really holding on to it.” “Seeing how much it means to veteran Doctor Who fans, to new Whovians, and to individuals who have gone away and returned has been a wonderful experience.

Just being a fraction of a second in the Whovian trip has been thrilling, no matter where they are on their journey. Affirming the show’s importance to so many people, Whittaker concluded: “It will be the best thing that I’ve ever done for me to be a part of it.”

Every minute of it was a blast. UK viewers can watch Doctor Who on BBC One. Shows 1-12 are available on HBO Max in the United States. The launch of Series 13 is scheduled for later this year.


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