Chris Chibnall, showrunner of Doctor Who’s 13th season, has talked about the huge format change. Mandip Gill and John Bishop will join Jodie Whittaker in the role of the legendary Time Lord. Jacob Anderson, who played Vinder in Game of Thrones, has also been hired in the role.

A Comic-Con@Home event held over the weekend indicated that the new episodes will act as chapters in a season-long tale. Chibnall indicated that the coronavirus pandemic played a part in his decision.

Amid a pandemic, Chibnall said, “it’s not business as usual. I suppose there were two ways we might have gone about getting the show up and going. Some people might say, “Well, let’s simply do several small episodes in one place with no monsters.” This is the biggest storey we’ve ever done, we’re going to all kinds of places, we’re going to have all various people and monsters, and it’s all going to be part of a broader whole. So that is the other option.”

As he put it: “It’s the most ambitious thing we’ve done.” Vinder won’t be the only new character to appear in multiple episodes, according to Chibnall. “There are a lot of guest stars who will appear in the series, including some who will appear in many episodes, which is unusual for this show,” said the show’s creator.

Those comments come on the heels of the release of the first trailer for Doctor Who season 13. Dr. Who is broadcast on BBC One in the United Kingdom. US broadcasters BBC America and HBO Max carry the first 12 seasons of the series. Series 13 is scheduled to premiere shortly, according to the network.


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