Do You Want To Replace Your Smartphone To The New iPhone: Iphone 12 Review

Apple has recently launched its new iPhone 12 series.  This series comprises of two models till now-the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini. 

These smartphones were unfurled by Apple on 13 October 2020. iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini are the two low-priced smartphones which were released along with the two flagships with high-configuration devices iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. The phones are ready to join the market.

Now, the question is do you need to purchase the new iPhone 12 when you just purchased a new phone months ago.


Well, let’s find out if you need to upgrade your smartphone.

The new iPhone 12 is the best iPhone model so far. The design is extremely attractive. It has a flat-display just like those on iPhone 5s, iPhone 5SE. It feels better to hold the phone. 

It has got a better and faster processor. The cameras on these phones are astounding. They perform excellently even in low-light conditions. The camera even captures minute details and the pictures through these phones are pretty impressive. Apple has never disappointed its customer with the camera. So no need to worry about that. 

However, these smartphones come with the latest 5G technology and it is a vital point for their sale. As the customer will certainly go with the 5G technology if given choice. The 5G on T-Mobile is not as quick as one foresees it to be. However, by the end of 2021, 5G will be out in the market, ruling over technologies. As it is not yet out in full-fledge so you don’t necessarily have to upgrade it as of now. 

Other than these two iPhones being launched, there are two more models of iPhone 12 that are iPhone 12 pro and pro max. These phones have even better cameras. For those who love to capture photos, they would love these two smartphones. The pro max has a greater telephoto lens, which is 65mm and 52mm in iPhone 12 Pro. The pro max in terms of cost exceeds the 12 pro by $100. 

Moreover, the battery life on this phone is incredible. Better than the earlier edition of the iPhone which was iPhone 11 pro. So, we know that this version has long-lasting battery life for sure. 

So, we know that these phones are worth money and one can purchase the phone if they wish to. 

Stay tuned for more such tech news.


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