Do the ‘Married at First Sight’ Couples Get Paid to Be on the Show?

Over last few years, reality shows based on the theme of love has become talk of the town. And viewers are loving that too. But here we are present to talk about the reality love show which stole the heart of its audience just after season 1 was dropped. 

Married at first sight!

Yes, we have heard love at first sight but here is Marriage at first sight in which contestant has to marry their companion just after first meet. 

Excited to marry this article at first sight?

Concept of show? Present sir!

After eight weeks of getting married and living together, couple will decide what will be the future of their relationship. Will they proceed their marriage or will get separated? Along with that, counsellors are also there to console couple and give their precious piece of advice to them.

But every coin has two side. This show too had. Let’s see! 

Drawback? Yes, there is!

Eight-week marriage holds very low success rate. Maximum couple decides to give divorce to each other. This sounds hell cringe. 

Now the thing is why contestant of “Married at first sight” is going to appear in the show? Read further for more updates. 

Why they do so?

Money! It can make people do anything. Even marriage too. That’s why show is named as “Married at first sight”.

Whether it is of eight weeks or eight births, contestants are paid to remain on the show, marry to their potential partner and live with each other for eight weeks. 

How much they are paid?

Different reports hold different amount each contestant demands. But here, you will get exact amount of salary each partner demands.

According to the official rumours, contestants of season 1 made all around $15000. After the show became talk of the town, salary of contestants increased. 

Again, according to sources, contestants of recent seasons have made all around $20000 and $25000. 

Is this only spending? Off course not!

It is a known fact that weddings require money. And when it is marriage shown on-screen, then it surely involves high cost- from clothes to makeup to maintenance. 

In previous seasons, these expenses were on contestant only but now, show run that.

Now, recent seasons have seen the show bearing the cost of apartment in which couple is moving in for eight weeks. Along with that, it also pays them for honeymoon. 

Exciting right?

Free wedding, earning salary not less than $25000, and honeymoon as icing on cake. 

What if couple divorces?

The show covers that expense as well. But the condition is that the couple have to decide the divorce in that eight-week duration only.  

Ready for final words?

We all have heard love at first sight!

But the thing here comes is the heavy word- commitment. You just can’t see anyone for the first time and get married. It is long process and needs so much patience. Eight weeks are surely not going to remove the space between companions. They are together only for name, fame and game. 


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