When you play racing video games, you can have a lot of fun. Do they also add to our overall driving improvement in the actual world? Just think about the technical breakthroughs that have made it possible for us to achieve this aim.

Following technology breakthroughs in modeling and control, the game industry has recently made a successful endeavor to reproduce real-world physics as exactly as possible.

Realistic driving, realistic conditions

In street racing game franchises such as Forza, Need for Speed, and Gran Tourismo, significant advancements in graphics and controls have enabled players to have a better understanding of street and traffic driving.

 These simulations correctly simulate driving on a range of road surfaces, including wet roads, sand, snow, and grass, as well as on other types of terrain. In these games, there are choices such as “free run” or similar features that allow players to experiment with different driving configurations.

Do Racing Games Help You Improve Your Driving in Real Life?
Do Racing Games Help You Improve Your Driving in Real Life?

These high-quality graphics, when combined with newly built hardware accessories such as a steering wheel, pedal set, and gear shifters, as well as real-time feedback from the game, allow the user to simulate a true driving experience. 

It has been possible to create some of the most lifelike simulation sets ever thanks to the development of accessories and game controllers. These set-ups are intended to imitate the sensation of driving an automobile on a public highway. This type of gear, which was originally used to train track drivers, has become increasingly popular among high-end gamers, owing to an increase in availability and compatibility.

Learning Curve

According to the findings of the study, advanced gamers who used simulation equipment were able to complete well-timed circuits on race tracks in controlled environments. 

After receiving some rudimentary training in real-world driving, this was only feasible and legal for these players. 

Although it was discovered through a different test, a worried driver was found to be incapable of dealing with the physical tiredness that comes with track driving. The learning curve associated with driving has been reduced for certain gamers, according to their accounts of their experiences playing racing games. Additionally, they believe that playing racing games has benefited their understanding of automobile dynamics and the relationship between the road surface and car performance.



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