Diwali gift guide: Luxurious gadgets for every occasion

The Covid-19 pandemic confined people indoors, where they embraced technology on a scale never seen before, from online services to everyday household items. While people are reintroducing themselves to the outdoors, they are not abandoning the use of gadgets or other forms of technology. According to experts, it achieves a delicate balance of style and connectivity.

Diwali Gift

This list includes a thin projector that can be used for presentations as well as movies, a fitness tracker that doubles as a fashionable accessory, a laptop that doubles as a tablet and sketchbook, and a mobile car mount that charges your iPhone while it is mounted to the dashboard.

Belkin iPhone Car Vent Mount Pro with MAGSAFE

If you recently purchased an iPhone 13, the Belkin iPhone 13 Car Vent Mount PRO is the ideal travel companion. The mount, which utilises official MagSafe technology, allows you to view your phone in landscape or portrait mode. The phone is secured in place by a sturdy vent clip and a high-quality base.

Diwali gift guide: Luxurious gadgets for every occasion
Diwali gift guide: Luxurious gadgets for every occasion


These true wireless headphones feature adaptive noise cancellation and a “smart ambient” feature. As a result, you won’t need to take your earbuds out to converse. Each earbud features three microphones with echo-cancelling technology for crystal-clear conversations even in the busiest environments.


The compact and lightweight KODAK Luma 150 is ideal for business meetings, presentations, and movie sessions, whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure. The touch controls make it simple to use, and the compact size makes it ideal for travel. You can view slides, photos, and video clips from exhibits on a 120-inch screen. When fully charged, the projector has a playback time of up to two and a half hours.

Fitbit Luxe Limited Edition As Diwali Gift

Stylishly track your walks and runs. The Fitbit Luxe Special Edition features a gold stainless steel Parker Link Bracelet from gorjana, as well as a peony classic band. It was designed in collaboration with gorjana, a jewellery brand based in Laguna Beach, California. This device is truly unique in that it combines a fitness tracker with a fashionable fashion element.

HP SPECTRE X360 14-inch laptop with Windows 10 Professional

The HP Spectre x360 14 is available in two colours: nightfall black and poseidon blue. It is a premium two-in-one convertible laptop powered by an Intel Core processor from the 11th generation. This ultralight laptop weighs just 1.36kg and features a 17-hour battery life, making it ideal for people who are constantly on the move. For the first time ever, the keyboard scissors in this laptop are made entirely of natural and renewable materials such as straw, beet pulp, and household waste.

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