Enjoying Disneyland with friends and family might be somewhere on your bucket list. After all, who in the world not long so? Reviving the childhood again and becoming lost in the full-of-wonders Disneyland.

Disneyland Paris, after reopening, closed again at the end of October 2020. Disney’s Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom were opened on July 11, 2020. Tokyo’s Disneyland and Disney sea resumed on July 1, 2020. Shanghai’s Disneyland reinstated on 11 May 2020 and the exceptional heartily awaited fireworks have also been restarted.

Issues and Solutions!!

Disney World before opening issued some preventive measures for the guests of the parks. A controlled entry system, reservations for the guests, and floor and tape markings to ensure social distancing and temperature screening at the entrance will be the new normal. It is the rules and restrictions that give visitors a sense of safeness and worry less enjoyment in Disneyland.

Hopefully and luckily, Disneyland has not had any cases regarding Covid-19. Studies showed that face masks and other coverings could not single-handedly stop the virus, there seemed to be an ambiguity in the practices and that was eating food while walking in the park.

Disney has issued a new rule that beyond a certain point no visitors are allowed to eat anything while strolling. Disney seems to care more about the visitors than themselves. Unknowingly, and with common sense, if the guests wish to eat something, they have to put their masks down, which makes them vulnerable to the virus. 

Here’s a tweet from Mickey’s Blog-

After having faced hard times and being locked into the homes, when people come to Disneyland for refreshment, they must not be infected. The guests would be able to relish the theme parks more as there will be a limited number of vacationers.

The updated and newest regulations according to Disney are here and you can check it right here with just a click- 



Disney constantly keeps amending the rules and adapting up to the mark regulations. All the rules introduced by Disney are for the safeguard of its guests and to provide the best and unimaginable experience. The new rule might bother the tourists, but safety is the foremost priority. So when do you plan to take a stroll at Disneyland?

Till then stay safe, happy, and healthy, and be in touch and well informed with us. 


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