Disenchanted: Everything We Know About The Cast, Plot, And Release Date

Enchanted’s 2007 release and subsequent success prompted a sequel. In this multimedia feature film, which featured a combination of traditional animation and live-action, Disney was allowed to experiment with how they depicted stories inspired by royalty. Enchanted succeeded in celebrating Disney’s most beloved princesses while also satirizing its own cliches.

As a result of enormous fan demand, Disney has revealed the long-awaited sequel to Enchanted. After the film’s ending became too vague for the company, it was widely assumed that Disney was restarting the Enchanted franchise. The title of the film, Disenchanted, was revealed during Disney Investor Day 2020. Here’s all we know about the next chapter thus far.

Despite the time difference between Enchanted and its intended sequel, the official synopsis gives a solid notion of what to expect from Disenchanted. 15 years after Enchanted, Giselle moves to the Monroeville suburbs with Robert and their teenage daughter Morgan, where she must deal with the challenges of a new home and learn what happily ever after truly means to her and her new family.


IMDb is delighted to provide a more extensive explanation of the plot in the database’s synopsis. According to the website, this is the case “Malvina Monroe, a malevolent person intent on causing harm to the Monroes. It is currently in command of town affairs. When things go awry, she wishes their lives were like a flawless storybook. Giselle is racing against the clock to save her family and the Kingdom of Andalasia. The enchantment’s downfall by midnight.”. If Disney stays true to Enchanted’s original technique of alternating between animation and live-action. Disenchanted will most likely be a continuation of that aesthetic. It is expected to carry over the best parts of its predecessor. Enchanted, which was made memorable by the blending of many types of artistic expression.

Disenchanted’s cast has been officially confirmed!

Disenchanted will star Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey alongside James Marsden and Idina Menzel. Alan Menken, who wrote the original score for Enchanted, proposed that the original quartet be included in the sequel. “It’s fantastic. There’s a camera in the room. The film stars Amy Adams and Patrick McHale. The film stars Idina Menzel and Jimmy Marsden. They play a role in it.” According to Menken, filming for Disenchanted has already begun. Maya Rudolph has been cast as the major adversary of the story, and Timothy Spall is set to return, though his role in the sequel has yet to be confirmed.

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