The European Union launched the long-awaited COVID-19 digital travel certificate (EU). The certificate has been issued on Tuesday and allows travellers to plan for summer vacations. Next month, the credential is standardized in the continent.

The Commission’s Statement

According to the Commission, a digital COVID certificate will enable EU residents to submit evidence of the negative test result COVID-19 or proof that they have contracted the virus and recovered. This certificate will feature a QR code “guard it against counterfeiting” with a digital signature.

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Benefits for the European Travellers

European travellers do not have to encounter travel restrictions utilizing this digital certificate. Seven EU countries have signed the first certificates, namely Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Austria, Greece, Croatia, and Poland.

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What did Stella Kyriakides say?

The certificate will be executed throughout the entire bloc from July 1. Health and Food Safety Commissioner Stella Kyriakides said, “The EU Digital COVID Certificate demonstrates the additional value to our residents of effective e-health solutions. EU citizens expect to travel again, and they want to travel safely. An accreditation from the EU is a key step forward.”

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The EU plans to open up again to vaccinated foreign travellers, including the US. Many EU states, like Croatia, Italy and Greece, have begun to welcome tourists from America. As of June 7, Spain expects to receive tourists, and France has indicated that it will open its borders until June 9.

So indeed it sounds like a piece of good news for the people travelling in future as they will be able to travel safely without any sense of fear inside their mind. 

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