Did former American footballer Dale Moss really cheat on The Bachelorette’s Clare Crawley with Eleonora Srugo? Let’s find out!

Since last week, rumors are spreading like wildfire on the internet about Dale Moss cheating on former “Bachelorette” and his ex-fiance Clare Crawley with a mystery girl Eleonora Srugo.

In The Bachelorette season 16, the couple got engaged after a few weeks but decided to end their relationship after five months of romance. We know that you are here to know if the alleged cheating scandal is real or not. Keep reading to know what happened and to learn more about Moss’s mystery girl.

Some sources reveal that Dale Moss might have cheated Clare Crawley with Eleonora. These rumors have been swirling all over the internet. On Friday, Srugo denied and said that she was never involved with the former NFL pro. She also revealed that she encountered the 32 years old at the Manhattan hotspot. Srugo shared that she was with a date herself.

The rumors began in early November 2020, when a source took a picture of the pair, and it seemed like they were more than friends. Since then, it spread the speculations like wildfire among the netizens.

Srugo’s rep, RonnTorossian, shared that the news related to the dinner at Cipriani is fake, and Sugro was with a group of friends and a guy at the venue. Her publisher also said that the Douglas Elliman realtor never hooked up or dated Dale. She is currently focused on her real estate career, and she was there with another guy.

Previously, some sources reported it felt like Dale and Srugo were on a date, and the NFL pro looked happy. Both seemed to be flirting and laughing with each other at Cipriani.

A source cleared the mess by stating that Scrugo and Dal were sitting at different tables. Moreover, the woman who was in the picture with Dale is none other than model Brooks Nader, who is happily married to Billy Haire. The same day, paparazzi also clicked Moss, Nader, and Rachel Hilbert together in New York, and running into Scrugo at Cipriani was a mere coincidence.

Final Words

Scrugo and Moss just exchanged quick greetings when they saw each other, and that is it. A person does not go to that place when he or she is cheating. They mostly go when they want to be seen by the media. After this cheating scandal, Eleonora revealed that she was excited about Dale’s engagement and only wanted to wish him luck. On the other hand, neither Moss nor Crawley have commented on this incident.

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