Diagonal Fences Created By A Minecraft Player Is Yet Another Display Of Player Ingenuity

Diagonal Fences in Minecraft are yet another example of its players’ ingenuity.

Fences placed diagonally from one another can be used to trap sheep and cows. Minecraft was released by Mojang in 2011. Since then, players have discovered new ways to maximize farm yields, created memorable designs, and ventured into competitive online games. According to one Minecraft fan theory. Better farm designs may be possible in the future by using diagonal fences to trap mobs.

A user Phantastik recently trapped some sheep and cows in an area of their Minecraft Seed and shared a video of the process. The Minecraft fan used this method to capture three sheep and two cows. It demonstrates that baby animals can fit through the small gaps in the fencing surrounding their Minecraft world. Despite the fact that this method appears to be useless in Phantastik’s video. It is a proof of concept that other players can use to improve their farms.

Diamond Pattern In Minecraft

While most Minecraft fences connect when placed next to each other. The Reddit user was able to keep the creatures contained by encircling them with a diamond pattern. In this video, the captured animals scramble around their confines in Minecraft using Phantastik, a seven-by-seven diamond pattern. Farmable livestock can be raised by escaping through the diamond’s gaps while the sheep and cows mate.

It’s unclear how far the sheep and cow calves in Phantastik’s video wander. The mobs in the game are known to do so. Because the Minecraft player has left enough space around the diamond. They can also box in baby animals and return later to obtain additional resources.

Phantastik’s trick can help us in many ways

Phantastik’s trick can be used to keep donkeys, mules, and horses in Minecraft, but smaller animals like pigs and chickens can escape. Some Minecrafters have previously used a variety of creative barriers, such as mismatched fences and strategically placed gates, to keep mobs at bay. Another devoted Hoglin fan recently demonstrated a fan who had gone above and beyond the bounds of brilliant design using a Mine craft Nether Portal.

If a fence fails to connect to another in Mine craft, it simply stands there like a post. This diagonal fencing method is no exception. Farms such as the Mine craft Creeper, Skeleton, and Zombie farms, on the other hand, will be unable to use Phantastik’s fence trick.

Minecraft is now available on Mac, mobile, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox One for the first time.

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