Devil’s Advocate season 3 Renewed? Know All About Previous Performance And Expectations

Documentaries based on real-life fraudsters and criminals, like, Devil’s Advocate season 3 have a very big fanbase. And hence, there are now there are three documentaries of the same name available on the internet.

So, we are here today talking about the latest 2022 documentary which is officially called ‘Devil’s Advocate: The Mostly True Story of Giovanni Di Stefano’.

If you haven’t watched the new documentary yet, then allow us to introduce it to you. 

Devil’s Advocate season 3 renewed? 

Ok, now before we jump into the latest documentary, Devil’s Advocate season 3. It is important that we explain the sub-heading here.

The thing is that, since two other documentaries of the same name have been made, many people refer to them as season 1 and season 2.

In this way, the latest documentary becomes Devil’s Advocate season 3 and many people were asking about the renewal status of season 3 of ‘Devil’s Advocate’.

All in all, we are pleased to say that the third season is here. It has been directed by Sam Hobkinson. Wonderhood Studios have produced the new documentary. The documentary is available for streaming on the Sky Network website.

Let’s now see what the documentary is about by taking a look at its plot and cast. 

Devil’s Advocate season 3 plot and cast

The new documentary, Devil’s Advocate season 3 is about the real-life fraudster Giovanni Di Stefano. This man is a British businessman of Italian origin. He is notorious for fighting legal cases of some very high-profile people. His clientele included the likes of Saddam Hussein, Harold Shipman, Gary Glitter, Nicholas van Hoogstraten and many more people who are confirmed criminals of the highest order.

He fought all these cases while he was actually not a qualified lawyer. In 2006, his luck ran out when he was asked to provide his legal credentials that said he was a lawyer. Stefano failed to do so and in 2011, he was arrested for fraud. The new documentary traces Stefano’s life from his early days to his arrest years later. 

In the new documentary, their younger self Stefano is played by Neal Craig and his older self is played by Tino Orsini. For both the parts, the voice of Stefano has been dubbed by Keir Charles. That’s all on the plot and cast aside. Let’s now quickly see is the new documentary is worth watching. 

Devil’s Advocate season 3 review

Starting at the ratings, IMDb has given the documentary a 7.2 out of 10. The highly reputed newsletter, The Guardian has branded it as a mind-boggling tale. Further, they say that the depth of his deception has been captured in a very good manner.

In particular, they have praised the part where Stefano’s life is being investigated so that he can be charged and convicted. These words of praise alone should be a good enough reason to watch the documentary. 

If you are a true crime lover, then just start watching the documentary. We bet that after 5 minutes, you won’t be able to stop before completing it.

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