The Developers of Outerverse Warn Players About A Scam Blockchain Game

The creators of Outerverse claim that ‘con artists’ are using their game to perpetuate an NFT scam. The publisher has denied the existence of tokens in the game, despite claims made on a sham website.

According to the publisher of the Outerverse, Freedom Games, gamers and NFT enthusiasts should be aware of an NFT scam that is marketing a new cryptocurrency. The Outerverse Metaverse and Decentralized Platform’s claim that a token can be earned and used in Outerverse, according to Freedom Games and developer Tbjbu2, is “patently false.”

Neither the original Outerverse nor any of Freedom Games’ other titles support NFT.”

Bryan Herren, director of marketing, issued a statement saying “Outerverse Metaverse and Decentralized Platform Gaming use the real game’s trademarked name and assets without permission. Scammers are selling a $OUTERVERSE token that claims to be usable in the game.”

Without a doubt, NFT is leveraging the Outerverse site

The words “Metaverse & Decentralized Platform” appear in both logos, but the background of is identical to the header image on the Steam store page. The name of the $OUTERVERSE token is a clear hint.

It is possible to purchase the $OUTERVERSE token (which appears to be “real”) because at least one cryptocurrency exchange lists and appears to be selling it. Tbjbu2’s game, which does not use blockchain technology, has nothing to do with this, according to Herren in an email to PC Gamer.

According to Herren, this appears to be simple exploitation of the game’s name and assets.

To him, the game’s title may evoke associations with the “metaverse,” a trendy tech topic that scammers may hope will arouse the desire to buy without due diligence—or even a quick Google search. He was correct.

According to our projections, the game has received “mostly positive” reviews since its release.” Scammers may have targeted us because crafting games are popular among young people, according to Herren.

Scam page

According to Freedom Games, it has contacted the website host to “encourage” them to remove it. In fact, the publisher claims that it has seen other complaints about fraudulent sites hosted by the same company that has gone unresolved, “so we are not sure if it will be a priority for them.”

Herren stated, “Freedom Games will continue to do everything in its power to protect the developers we support.” At Freedom Games, we are dedicated to safeguarding our community by vigorously protecting our intellectual property and trademarks.

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