Destination Fear Season 4 Release Date: Is It Confirmed Or Cancelled On Hulu?

Are you the type that likes adventures and likes to travel around the world trying to identify your fears and overcome them? Or are you the type that falls in the category of horror, paranormal, illusions, hallucinations, myths, magic, and craves to experience this? Then, you probably would be a great fan of this documentary television show known as ‘Destination Fear’.

This is a great show that you can watch with your friends for both fun and knowledge. Also, this can give you a lot of ideas for pranks!!

Yes, today’s update is on this documentary tv show. This show has received around 88% of people’s attention and gained a rating of 7 out of 10 by IMDB. We will be giving you a brief on this amazing television series, its upcoming seasons, cast, release dates and some other important information as well. 


Destination Fear is an American paranormal documentary television series that premiered on the Travel Channel on October 26, 2019. A fourth season would premiere later that year, according to a tweet from Discovery+ on February 25, 2022. On March 6, March 12, and March 26, 2022, Alex Schroeder teased his fans on Twitter by posting emoticons signaling that they were filming. The team has been filming the fourth season of Destination Fear since early March 2022.

Destination Fear Season 4 Release date and status

There is no specific announcement about the release of season 4 of Destination Fera as of yet so all the intel gathered so far are just speculations and rumours with a tinge of truth. So far, there is no official announcement of its renewal, thus the status is not confirmed. The release date is also not officially out but we speculate that it will most probably be out by the end of 2022 or the early months of 2023.

Destination Fear Season 4 Cast

We hope that the cast remains the same. There is no intel so far about the addition of any new members, so most likely the old crew would be participating. Let’s look at the members!

  • Dakota Laden 
  • Chelsea Laden
  • Tanner Wiseman
  • Alex Schroeder 

What can you expect in season 4?

For this, we say, tighten your belt straps and be seated. Try to be as calm as possible or probably read this with your friends, as we take you on a ride with our amazing cast members on their journey of paranormal hunts and experiences. 

Dakota Laden, his sister Chelsea Laden, and friends Tanner Wiseman and Alex Schroeder travelled throughout the United States in an RV to visit various haunted and paranormal sites. The show’s distinctive and intriguing feature is that participants must spend an entire night alone in each haunted location before sharing their experiences and fears. The exhibition, on the other hand, appears to be genuine and reveals the participants’ psychological effects.

The experience these four shares are real and you as the viewers would also gain a deeper understanding of the things that are not scientific. Maybe this show will be of great help to those who are in debate with science and the mystics. 

Well, we are sure that you will be waiting for season 4 after reading this article. Till the time you are waiting, watch the previous seasons of Destination 4.

Can you guess the place where they will be going in the coming season? And also share your thoughts on these paranormal activities. 

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