Here it is a first-person shooter based on the Minecraft Doom mod.

Minecraft is littered with fan-made homages to other games. As there are so many official texture packs available. It’s not uncommon for players to spend hundreds of hours creating their own miniature versions of well-known cities and towns. On the other hand, there are those rare occasions when something completely astounds us.

“Doomed: Demons of the Nether”

A Doom-inspired adventure map has been created for the Minecraft game “Minecraft.” It has been in development since March of 2020 and is set to be released on April 1st of this year! (January 8th) The single-player campaign includes custom 3D modeled and programmed weapons and abilities, as well as custom boss fights and cinematics. Sibogy was inspired by Doom 2016 and Eternal, but they are quick to point out that Doomed is a one-of-a-kind experience in its own right.

However, this is not a clone; the level design is entirely unique and, according to Sibogy, will offer something new to Doom veterans as well. If I had made a 1:1 copy, you’d be better off playing Doom right now. I tried everything that sounded interesting to me.”

Sibogy estimates that he spent about 1,200 hours putting it all together over the course of two years. Because the Minecraft builder works full-time in IT, everything had to be done in their spare time. Despite the fact that Sibogy has created a number of other maps based on co-op puzzles and Call of Duty’s Zombies mode, Doomed is their most ambitious project to date. Of course, there are drawbacks to this.

Limitations of Minecraft

“The limitations of Minecraft were the main challenges,” Sibogy says. “Somethings like dashing and glory kills were difficult to implement.” The creation of Sin Boss’ final icon, which took two months, was one of the project’s most difficult tasks. All of the hitboxes, 3D models, AI/behaviors, and animations were created from the ground up.”

Sibogy describes a “standalone map with an endless mode with waves of demons” as nearly finished and ready for release, but the temptation to do so lingers. The “limited AI range” of Minecraft makes achieving this goal difficult.

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