Death in Paradise fans share theory on a new character – and we’re intrigued, Know More!

The character of Darlene of the show Death in Paradise is the hot topic of discussion among the fans of the show. The conversation is happing over at Twitter. What is the conversation saying about the character of Darlene? Find that out now ahead. 

What are people saying

People over Twitter are discussing and sharing theories about the character of Darlene. The theories have started to come in after the 7th episode of the show has concluded. The top theory that is doing the rounds is that Darlene must be a mole of the police. The user who said this further said that the theory held up as Darlene was the admin and thus no one would even suspect her. Another user has said that Darlene could become the new police commissioner by replacing the present one Selwyn. Those are some really interesting theories out there about Darlene. Ahead are some details about the show. 

About Death in Paradise 

Right now, the 11th season of the show is going on and it is going to end this Friday. As told by the makers of the show, it has already been renewed for season 12. Season 11 had 8 episodes, the same as all the other 10 seasons of the show. The show was created by Robert Thorogood and its season one premiered on 25th October 2011 on the BBC One TV channel. The show continues to air on the BBC One TV channel with the 11th season also airing on it. We believe that the 12th season will also premiere on the BBC One TV channel and will once again feature only 8 episodes. 

It looks like 8 episodes per season have become like a cult thing for the show for its success. 

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