Titans is all about Batman this time. As HBO Max dropped the second trailer for the Titans season 3, it reveals some crucial plot points for the DC drama. We already know that the Titans has moved from DC Universe to HBO Max, but this is not the only big change as the third year of the group is much darker and now personal as well. The former Robin, Dick Grayson is although successful in becoming a Nightwing, but the story is far from over for him and his band of young superheroes. The biggest move for the Titans is that the team has left San Francisco and relocated to Gotham City.

Dick Grayson is returning to the city that he has tried to leave behind for years, but for the other members Gotham City is a new home. After Trigon, Deathstroke, and Project Cadmus the villains in the third season of Titans will be a mixture and far more deadly. Dick won’t be the only former Robin to get a new mantle. The Titans season 3 was going to premiere in fall 2020 before pandemic delayed production, but it looks like the wait will have been worth it.

Previously we saw that a lot of focus was on the Tamaran conflict between Kory Anders/Koriand’r and Blackfire. The third season will be showing Blackfire as the other antagonist of the season and the sisters will be pitting against each other. As Dick is asked to pick up the mantle of Batman, Jason Todd aka Robin (Curran Walters) pronounced dead on a newscast. Among all the new faces, the Scarecrow who played a part in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy, is now imprisoned in Arkham Asylum, where he becomes a sort of consultant to the Titans in discovering the identity of the true villain of the series: the Red Hood. 

Jason is seen to be entering a creepy theme park which is screaming the vibe of Joker from every corner. Jason finds a security guard who is murdered and has a forced smile of Joker. He himself becomes a victim soon after the body is found by him. Like in the comic books, we see Jason getting beaten with a crowbar by a shadowy figure. Again, in the comics, the Red Hood is the mantle that Jason takes on after coming back from the dead which confirms that he is behind the mask of Red Hood.

We just saw a shadowy figure which resonates with Joker but the trailer didn’t reveal who is going to play his character. We do know a new face which is Savannah Welch plays Barbara Gordon, or Commissioner Gordon who is taking over from her dad as the head of the Gotham City Police Department. Another new arrival is Tim Drake (Jay Lycurgo), who will ultimately take up the Robin mantle.

Titans season 3 will start on August 12 on HBO Max in the US. In the UK, the show streams on Netflix with no release date announced yet for season 3.


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