Well, if we compare Marvel and DCEU what we find is that DCEU has a major drawback. DCEU lacks in introducing stories and characters on time. Sometimes they introduce too 

quickly which makes it tougher for viewers to depict and sometimes too late.

If they were on time things would have gone differently

DCEU who mainly focused on the central character sometimes rush the time over itself and then find itself in a position to resolve. Before mentioning the ‘late introduced characters’, we should know who was introduced earlier. Aquaman and Wonder Woman are among those who were introduced earlier. But many didn’t the time they deserved.

Here, we are mentioning those 10 characters who were introduced late:

Martian Manhunter

A scene got cut from the movie Justice League (2017), which would have introduced Harry Lennix as Martian Manhunter. Now it is being hoped that we will see him in Synder Cut of Justice League which will probably come in 2021.

Green Lantern

Green Lantern is one of the core seven characters in Justice League. The role portrayed by Hal Jordan. He was supposed to find space in Justice League (2017) but he didn’t get the plot. Now, he will be seen with Martian in Synder Cut of Justice League (2021).

Cassandra Cain 

In Batman DCEU, Cassandra Cain is introduced to Tim Drake and Batsman’s third Robin. But she was kept untouched and now she was seen in ‘Bird Of Prey’ which is too late. Now, it doesn’t make sense to introduce her.

Black Canary

Black Canary also chooses ‘Birds Of Prey’ to introduce her first look. The character is portrayed by Jurnee Smollett. Since she appeared earlier in DC thus fans were hoping that she would have appeared earlier in DCEU. She deserves that space.


Huntress aka Helena Bertinelli made her debut very earlier in old DC comics where she portrayed Batman’s daughter. But in DCEU, we can’t see her till Birds Of Prey.

Alfred Pennyworth

Bruce Wayne has trusted Alfred for his entire life still he wasn’t introduced rightly. He and Jim Gordan share equal importance but both lack space. He was introduced in Superman movies but again it was too late for him.


Aquaman was introduced in Superman VS Batman and if this kept aside Mera wouldn’t make even an additional character. She was not even given the proper plot and we have to wait for Aquaman to see Mera.

Jimmy Olsen  

He is an important character for Superman movies. He just not has the role of superman’s friend but something else that makes him special which is his friendship with Lois Lane. Well, we can assume him in Man of Steels.

Lex Luthor

No one will disagree with this that he is the main villain of Superman’s movie. His presence was equal to null in the first Superman movie. His appearance in Batman vs Superman is also questionable by fans as he didn’t the space he deserved.

Jim Gordon

He was seen in spiderman of 2000 as J.J Johnson. He has also seen in the Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling. DCEU has surprised everyone with its decision to bring him to the 2021 Justice League because he is an important character in Batman movies.


Everyone has their strategies and if they are applying this continuously it means the trick is working for them. Well, one should also listen to feedback from viewers to understand the demand of the public. 

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