DCeased & 9 More Creepy Comics To Read On Halloween

Halloween is just near the corner, so there is no more satisfying time than now to check out DCeased and a collection of other creepy comics. With Halloween coming up, it is the perfect time to search through that never ending comic collection and see for something spooky, ready for the scariest holiday of the year. Their collections may need to extend to involve some of these Halloween themed stories for some.

There is a complete range of horror, fantasy, and action comic books that take themselves to the Fall season from the worlds of DC and Marvel to various best and most independent comics. Whether it’s a familiar personality; or perhaps a comic exclusively made for this time of year, there are many great options to continue to enjoy, as the Halloween reading list grows larger. 


When Marvel Zombies may have proposed the idea, DCeased is a current going comic book story that has fascinated fans. With over the top violence, mad moments, and (of course) lots of zombies, this is The Walking Dead of the DC Universe. The Anti-Life equation activates finally, and it triggers a zombie apocalypse across the DC Universe. As if that is bad enough, imagine DC’s greatest heroes turning undead with their powers intact. 

A whole range of characters gets sucked into this much larger event, as some of DC’s most people heroes and villains get transformed into something a little more spooky. There is no better time to enjoy a set of stories like this than at Halloween.

Here is the list of some more creepy comics to read on Halloween. Do read below:

  1. Night Of The Living Deadpool
  2. Strange Academy
  3. Locke & Key
  4. The All-New Howling Commandos
  5. The Saga Of The Swamp Thing
  6. Wytches
  7. The Original Hellblazer
  8. The Short Halloween
  9. Haunted Knight


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