DC Comic’s New, Black Batman Debuts in Future State Preview

We are back with another article, and this time it is for DC Comics lovers. Today, we are going to share a quick preview of the upcoming Future State: The Next Batman #1 by John Ridley, Tamra Bonvillain, and Nick Derington.

In this news comic, fans will be amazed to see the new Dark Knight patrolling Gotham City. So without further ado, let’s get right into the topic.

DC has a big surprise for the comics fans, and it has a big week of comics in store. They will be soon releasing the Dark Nights: Death Metal #7 along with the launch of Future State.

It is a two-month publishing initiative that will feature a possible future of the DC Multiverse. Future State: The Next Batman is one of the most highly anticipated titles which will introduce Tim Fox as the future Dark Knight.

What is the real identity of the Next Batman?

You might be wondering what is the identity of the next Dark Knight? Well, his identity was kept hidden until now, but The Next Batman writer John Ridley and DC gave a hint to the fans. The Next Batman is going to be a person of color.

In early December 2020, DC gave an official announcement declaring Tim Fox as Batman. They also debuted a variant cover of Tim unmasking on the top of a building in Gotham City.

Gotham City was always in danger, but now, it has become deadly. After the tragedy of A-Day, the mayor has permitted the Magistrate to take over the policing so-called crime in Gotham City. So this is why a new Dark Knight has risen to save his city.

Now, a preview of Future State: The Next Batman #1 reveals Tim dropping on the cruel streets of the city, which is under the control of the Magistrate’s police state. You can check out the cover for Future State: The Next Batman #1 by John Ridley, Tamra Bonvillain, and Nick Derington in the post below.

The crew of the Future State: The Next Batman #1

“The Next Batman” art by NICK DERINGTON

“The Next Batman” written by JOHN RIDLEY

“Outsiders” art by SUMIT KUMAR

“Outsiders” written by BRANDON THOMAS

“Arkham Knights” art by JACKSON HERBERT

“Arkham Knights” written by PAUL JENKINS

Final Words

Are you excited to get your hands on these comics? Future State: The Next Batman #1 will go on sale from January 5, 2021, from DC. The comics will consist of 64 pages, and the charges for each book will start from $7.99. Stay tuned for more updates.


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