Daybreak Season 2 Release Date, Renewed Status, Cast, Plot & Other Details

With a heavy heart, we bring to you the news that Daybreak will not renew for season 2. Discussing the release date, cast and plot are of no use then. The announcement is a total heartbreaker for the fans of the show. The most common question of these fans is, why was the show canceled. Let’s seek the answer together. 

Daybreak Season 2 – cancellation reason

The announcement of the cancellation was made by Netflix. They have not said anything on why they cancelled the show despite the fact that season 1 had performed amply. Furthermore, the IMDb rating of 6.7 out of 10 supports this statement.

With Netflix remaining quiet, one of the creators of the show Aron Coleite took to Twitter. He confirmed the news of the cancellation and expressed his sorrow at the news. He said that they were very happy with the response season 1 got on Netflix. He further added that they were grateful that they could have the last Twitter live sessions with the fans.

He, at last, said that it was sad that they will not be able to bring more content for the fans of the show but nothing could be done regarding the matter. Ok, so at least the crew of the show parted with the fans properly, unlike the distributor Netflix. How did the fans take the news? See that next. 

Fans’ reaction to the cancellation

Apparently, the fans of the show have not taken the news of the cancellation nicely. Most of them are furious at Netflix. They are saying that season 1 had ended at a cliffhanger. How could Netflix cancel a show just like that then?

The fans are also saying that there was no reason for the show to be canceled as it has quite popular. The most furious of the fans have also started an online petition to get the show renewed for a season 2.

Let’s dive deeper into this petition thing. 

The petition for renewal  

The petition was started by Ashley Potts after a few days time of the announcement of the cancellation of the show. The fan really simply puts it down in the petition that the show ended at a cliffhanger and thus should get a season 2.

Other fans who have signed the petition agree and also say that the amazing show deserves more than just one season.

One of the fans, who has signed the petition, even says that Daybreak season 1 literally saved his life. There are a lot of claims like these and all these claims show that Daybreak is loved by its fans. As of now, the petition has received more than 39K signatures and is that much closer to its target of 50K. 

If you are also a fan of Daybreak and want to watch its season 2, then you can also sign the petition. The fate of the show is in the hands of the fans, quite literally. 

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