Game Grumps Controversy: A Fan Accuses Game Grumps’ Dan Avidan Of Being A ‘Predator’

Some very serious accusations have been made against the popular YouTuber Dan Avidan. He is the co-host of the videos posted by the YouTube channel Game Grumps. What exactly is the matter and is it true? All of that and more things are right ahead.

The Accusations And Accuser

The accusations against Dan have been made by a fan of his. The fan says that she came in contact with Dan when she was 17 years old. The two of them developed a relationship and on the 18th birthday of hers, the fan claims that Dan first wished her happy birthday on the Facebook messenger.

Then she says that Dan reportedly told her to send a video of hers in which he wanted her to say that, “f**k me in the tube”. The women also says that Dan said that it was her choice off whether or not she wanted to send the video. The authenticity of these accusations by the women was being questioned with a good reason. What is the reason? Find out that next.

Dan Avidan
Dan Avidan

Authenticity Problem

The authenticity of the accusations is being questioned because these accusations by the women were made on a subreddit named r/RantGrumps. This subreddit is famous for being kind off the official place to deface the Game Grumps channel videos and its two hosts, Dan Avidan and Arin Hanson. Because of this thing not many people were believing what was being said on the subreddit. Well, a solid breakthrough in the matter has come to light. Is it good for Dan or bad? The answer to this question lies ahead.

Dan Is Innocent

It has come to light that the messages sent to the women who accused Dan, were in fact not at all sent by Dan. This thing has been confirmed by the women herself. She was explained that the messages that had shown Dan texting her on her 18th birthday were in fact sent by a friend of hers.

She also said that the accusations were not made directly by her but by the people who had viewed the post. She made it clear that now she does not see the messages as any kind of misdoing or sexual grooming. The women finally said that Dan and she were in a relationship, but that she was 22 years old at the time and they had a consenting sexual relationship. Right now, the real motive of the women for accusing Dan of this type of a wrongdoing is unknown.

At last, you should know that Dan has also clarified the matter by saying that he and the women had a relationship. It was fully mutual and with the consent of the women. All accusations branding him as a sexual groomer are false and baseless.

Thus, for the time being all of this seems like an elaborate plan to defame Dan and Arin so that the Game Grumps channel would lose popularity.        

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