Cristiano Ronaldo and a Singapore billionaire are planning to marry football and technology.

The Portuguese footballer has been active online, using the hashtag #WritingTheFutureofFootball and the ZujuGP website as references. While one depicts Ronaldo as a mercenary with an umbrella, another depicts him clasping hands with Lim, whose company Mint Media Sports owns and manages Ronaldo’s image rights.

Finally, the startup hopes that by allowing four billion global fans to virtually watch live games, buy merchandise, interact with one another, and wager, it will drive community communication and commerce. The new system will make it easier for club owners, agents, and scouts to find and develop talented players.

Mr. Lim, who is in his late sixties and owns Valencia C.F. as well as Salford City F C in England, purchased Valencia in 2014. Kiat’s son had begun working on a new type of closed social space, Arc, which he had discussed frequently with his father. The football industry was forced to make a technological shift as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Kiat, 28, said of his father in his first media interview: “It turned out he’d been thinking deeply for a solution,” They devised a grand plan to bring amateur and professional football fans together on a single platform. They intend to beta-test the concept they’ve spent the last year brainstorming and fine-tuning in the first half of 2022. “I’ve never seen him get so worked up about a project.” A coworker said.

ZujuGP makes a number of claims

 “In a fully-functioning economy that spans the real and digital worlds.” ZujuGamePlay will be a virtual reality platform where gamers can watch games together. There will be a “footballverse,” which is similar to metaverse visions advanced by companies such as Facebook Inc. and Epic Games Inc.”

ZujuGP Exchange will provide a hiring platform where professionals, hiring clubs, and potential employees can do business. The company claims that the system will be powered by artificial intelligence and secured by blockchain technology. This final digital football academy provides ZujuGP members with performance training as well as specific drills.

The word “kicking.” Is a pun on the word cucu in Zuju.

The earliest known form of football can be found in the ancient Chinese game of cuju, which is thought to be the source of the modern game.


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